Need for Speed: Shift

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Feel what its really like to race high-end performance cars as Need for Speed SHIFT thrusts you into the heart of the action for the true drivers experience. Immersive and exciting features such as a stunningly realistic first-person cockpit view and an all-new crash mechanic deliver an unrivaled sensation of the speed and exhilaration of racing a car on the extreme edge of control. Plus, an ultra-realistic physics engine lets you feel every bump as you race around some of the worlds top tracks. Whether you're battling online or playing through your career, build your unique driver profile from moment to moment and from race to race and get rewarded for driving the way you want to drive.


  • The True Drivers Experience: An unrivalled in-car experience and new physics engine deliver the severe G-forces, bumps, and impact of being behind the wheel of an elite race car
  • Driver Profile: What kind of driver are you? Your unique driver profile tracks your evolution as a race driver from event to event based on your driving skill and style. Will you be respected or feared?
  • Dynamic Crash Effects: Feel your car take damage as you hit a static object or opponents car. A combination of visual and audio effects will leave you disorientated and briefly disrupt the race
  • Customize Your Car: Tailor almost every aspect of your car with the comprehensive customization system. Go under the hood to increase the cars performance then personalize its look inside and out to reflect your individual style
  • Take the Race Online: Your driver profile continues to build online and helps match you against the most suitable rivals for your ability. Keep building your skills and work your way toward challenging the best drivers in the world


  1. File:Need for Speed SHIFT V1.1 Plus 5 Trainer By KelSat.rar - +5 trainer for v1.0.1.0
  2. File:Need for Speed SHIFT v1.0.1.0 Trainer.rar - +9 trainer for v1.0.1.0
  3. File:Nfsstrn.rar - +4 trainer
  4. File:Need for Speed SHIFT V1.0 Plus 5 Trainer By KelSat.rar - +5 trainer
  5. File:Rzr-nfs4.rar - +4 trainer
  6. File:Need for Speed SHIFT v1.0.0.0 Trainer.rar - +5 trainer
  7. File:Gghz-nfsstrn.rar - +4 Trainer
  8. File:Unl-nfsstrn.rar - +1 Trainer

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