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Need for Speed Tips

Class C:
              I drove both these races in the toyota.  My
first pick was the Acura, due to its top speed, but I found
that it just couldn't handle the turns during the last two
segments of the City course, and that tough turn on Rusty
Springs.  The key to these tracks is effective use of the
accelerator.  As they tend to be high-speed courses, you'll
just want to make subtle speed changes around the corners
merely to keep from sliding out.  Don't be afraid to make
use of the walls in Rusty Springs, and only downshift when
absolutely necessary.  The Toyota has good acceleration,
which is what those two courses need.

Class B:
          On these tracks I found the Corvette to be the most
well-rounded car.  It has good acceleration, and seemed very
solid going around the very tight corners Coastal.  In
Autumn Valley, the hardest part was negotiating that last
turn before the grandstands.  The trick, however, is to take
the turn wide and full speed, using the wall to guide you
around.  This gave me a big jump on those cars that would
downshift to take it clean.  You'll probably want to
downshift coming out of the turn, but you won't lose all
*that* much speed.  In Coastal, it's crucial to establish a
lead early on, as passing can be suicidal later on.
Remember to block cars behind you, and hit them when
necessary. :)

Class A:
           I drove the Ferrari for these, as top speed isn't nearly
as important as handling on these tracks.  These are
somewhat similar tracks, in that quick shifting makes all
the difference.  Downshift into the turns, and upshift when
you feel the car slide.  Don't be afraid to up and downshift
frequently and quickly to maintain traction, *especially* on
the ice in Alpine, and in the woods in Vertigo Ridge.
There's a big speed penalty for hitting anything on the
sides on these tracks, so concentrate on clean lines more
than blazing speed.  Be sure to establish a lead before
things get icy on Alpine, and just use good shifting and
blocking to cross the line.

         Well, that's about it.  Vertigo Ridge was the
hardest, IMO, but rest assured that you'll *love* the bonus
track when you get to it.  It's probably the coolest of all
of 'em.  Hope this helps....good luck!




 Well, they are not this easy to obtain the cheats for this game. To
 get the bonus track (Las Vegas) you'll have to win the tournament
 once. It also makes the following cheat code available:

 EAC POWR  - makes the bonus car available
 EAC WARP  - makes gameplay go faster
 EAC RALY  - turns Rusty Springs into an Egyptian dirt track

 EAC TURBO - Super turbo

 You type them in at the prompt for the player's name when starting a
 single race.

 There are also several other cheat codes that show up in the
 TNFS.EXE file:


 The 300mph Porsche:

 This modification can be done with any of the cars, I have only tried
 this with the 911.

 Look for paths.dat in the /gamedata/config directory. Load it into
 a hex editor and find the line that is:


 (Of course you have to set the cd rom drive letter for [Drive],
 mine is D)

 Now replace the letter of the cd rom with the letter of your hard
 drive (mine is C).
 Create a directory c:\simdata\carspecs. Copy all files from
 d:\simdata\carspecs to c:\simdata\carspecs and change to
 Change the attribute of the by_r&t file to read only (attrib +r
 by_r&t.) Copy traffc.pbs to p911.pbs. You have just created a
 300 mph Porsche.

 Porsche-Cheat by Mike Schmitz,
Tournament Code:
If you win the tournament you are given the following password:  TSYBNS   With this code activated,
hold L1 + R1
at the following menus for different bonuses. Las Vegas will also beselectable at the track
selection menu.
Track Selection Menu: Rusty Springs becomes Oasis, and the other tracks will be the same, except
they will have a layer of dirt on the road.
Car Selection Menu: Allows you to choose the Warrior car.
Lap Choices: Selects 'Arcade Mode' but has no noticable changes.

Submission: Damian Gick (

Desert Springs:
To race in the desert, hold L1 + R1 while selecting the Rusty Springs track.

Lunar Springs:
To race on the moon, enter the password "MQKZCL" or use the cheat code above. To
finish, hold L1 + R1 + Triangle while selecting the Rusty Springs track.

Machine Gun:
Blow away the competition with the machine gun. Choose Head to Head mode, then
immediately after choosing your opponent's car hold Up + Left + L1 + Square +
Circle until the race begins.

Ridge Racer Mode:
For a Ridge Racer style of play, hold L1 + R1 while you select the number of
laps you want.

Road Rally Mode:
To go offroad, hold L1 + R1 while selecting any track except Rusty Springs. This
code replaces the pavement with dirt.

Warrior Car:
To race in the Warrior Car, enter the Bonus Track code, then exit tournament
mode and hold L1 + R1 when selecting a car. Prepare yourself for a rough ride,
as this baby accelerates at nearly 2G!

Las Vegas:
In tournament mode, go into password and type: TSYBNS

Go into Head-to-head mode and choose all the options you want. Pick your
car and the competition's car. As soon as you choose the competition's car
you have to press the buttons really fast. Just press
L1+Square+Circle+press the d-pad between left and up. You need to press
them all at the same time. Hold them down while it says loading.
It's great because you can win every race. As soon as they pass you just
blow them away. And you can blow the cops away too. I like to go head-on
with oncoming traffic and right before we hit I shoot them. The car goes
flying over your car.

Add Weight To A Car:
This is another trick accessible after entering TSYBNS at the Password screen.
See Ray's previously dated NFS codes for details... At a car selection screen,
select Car Showcase, and Mechanical. From here, select Next Slide. You can now
add extra weight to the car you are viewing. Pushing L1 will add weight to the
front of the car and pushing R1 will add weight to the rear of the car. The
weight is marked by the number of red triangles at that end of the car. I'm not
really sure what the actual result of this code is when in car press down+left
to hide gauges In two player mode split screen, if both player's hold down for 2
seconds, the race map, current speed and time will be gone.


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