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 Type them somewhere in the game:

 MAD - Instead of dust there will be flying cows (3DFx only)
 SLOT - In arcade or wild mode the car will automatically turn
 CHASE - Your opponents will follow you anywhere
 RAIN - It rains on Proving Grounds and Mystic Peaks
 SLIP - Guess???
 ROADRAGE - The cars in front of you will automatically make accidents
 PIONEER - Makes Upgrades
 RUSHHOUR - Traffic
 HOLLYWOOD - Bonus Track: Monolith Studios
 BOMBER - Bonus Track: Bomber BFS
 FZR2000 - Bonus Car: FZR 2000
 TOMBSTONE - Bonus Car: TombStone Daytona
 KCJONES - Rainbow Colored Cars (3DFx Only)
 SCHOOLZONE - Civilian Car: School Bus
 VIP - Civilian Car: Limo
 GO19 - Civilian Car: Commanche Pick-Up Truck
 GO21 - Civilian Car: Tractor-Trailer
 GO31 - Civilian Car: Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
 GO33 - Civilian Car: Mercedes Unimog Show Truck
 GO40 - Changes Car in Wooden Box
 GO41 - Changes Car In Hand Cart
 GO42 - Changes Car in Wooden Stand
 GO43 - Changes Car in Tyrannosaurus Rex
 GO44 - Changes Car in Covered Vagon
 GO45 - Changes Car in Souvenir Stand 1
 GO46 - Changes Car in Souvenir Stand 2
 GO47 - Changes Car in Souvenir Stand 3
 GO48 - Changes Car in Log
 GO49 - Changes Car in Crate
 GO50 - Changes Car in Box of Beer
 GO51 - Changes Car in Block of Rock

 While the track is loading:

 Press "n" for driving at night (3DNormal only)

 In the game:

 Press "h" for a short boost

 When you reached a record:
 Write "SILSPD" to make the car more heavy

 For getting out of the track:

 - Start with Mystic Peaks with McLaren F1 in Simulator Mode
 - Drive in the wrong way with 60MPH and hit a movable object (not an
 - Now drive in the right way with 80MPH and hit a fence or a bridge.

 For seeing the car from 9 different angels:

 - At the black screen after the loading one press <c>, <b>
   and <RIGHT SHIFT> six times and then hold them.
 - When the camera is getting close to the car press them again and hold
   them again.

 Press the [NumLock] key during the loading of a game and the game will
 be at night!


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  2. File:Nfs2se-editor.rar - Car editor
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