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Infinite front shield:
 801A2D50 0190

Infinite left shield:
 801A2D52 012C

Infinite right shield:
 801A2D54 012C

Infinite rear shield:
 801A2D56 012C

Infinite rockets:
 801B8C56 0064

Infinite lock-ons:
 801B8C58 000A

Infinite screamers:
 801B8C5A 0018

Infinite plasma:
 801B8C5C 0320

Infinite doomsday bombs:
 801B8C60 0001

Infinite flash bombs:
 801B8C62 0001

Machine-gun coolant:
 801B8C54 0000

Unbegrenzte  Raketen:
 801B8A44 0008

Unbegrenzte Plasma Kanone:
 801B8A48 2003

Unbegrenzte Doomsday Bomben:
 801B8A4C 0001

Unbegrenzte Flash Bomben:
 801B8A4E 0001

Schnelles Feuer:
 801B8A56 0000

Auto Feuer:
 801B8A4A 7FFF

 8013A51C 0000

T = Triangle
S = Square
= Space
X = X
O = O

OOO XTXX = Warhawk A-La Mode (Infinate Weapons, Invincible)
TTOTSTTX = Infinate Weapons (Non-Invincible)
SOSSTXTT = Thor Mode (9999 Flash-Bombs)
XOOSXTOT = Kali Mode (Super Swarmers, Ultra-Lockons)
SS OSXST = Preview Epilog Text
S OSTXXS = Check Special Upgrades Text
TX OOXTS = Preview Movies

Level Passwords:
TSXTXXSS = Desert Level
TSXTOSOX = Pyramid Has Risen
TOXTOOXS = Desert All But Done
OTTXOOSO = Canyon Level
OSOSXOOT = In Canyon with Amber
OTXSOOTT = In Canyon with Belle
OSTSTTTS = In Canyon with Crystal
OOOSTTST = Approaching Uma
XTXSSTST = Airship Level
XOTTOOOX = Post Transformation Airship
XSTOXTSS = Airship Rear Hanger Open
STXXXTOS = Volcano Level
SSXOTOST = Volcano Boss is Active
TOTOTXSS = Gauntlet Level
TOXTOXTS = East Gauntlet Boss
TOOSTOOX = West Gauntlet Boss
TOOTTXST = In with the Gatekeeper
TXTSOXOO = Stormland
TXXSOSOX = Above 1st Force Field
TXTTTXOT = Above 2nd Force Field
TXSOTXTS = Above 3rd Force Field
TXSTOSXX = Kreel's Door is Open
TXTSSSXT = Face to Face with Kreel