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Alternate Costumes:
When you are selecting a character, HOLD the start button before you
select your character with button A.

Arcade Backgrounds:
In training, normal or team battle mode you can change the backgrounds
to the orginal arcade versions by letting the time runout in the stage
select screen.

Change Backgrounds:
When seclecting a stage, hold START and press A.
In Team Battle Mode, when selecting a stage, hold down START button until
time runs out. If you have used the above code, you will need to restart
(START+A+B+X+Y), before this code will work.

Clean Pause
When the game is paused you see "Player 1 Pause" on the screen. To make
it vanish for screenshots or just fun hold down x + Y.

Play Against the Alphabet Character
To play against the alphabet character in normal mode at the character
select screen highlight Akira and press start. Then highlight Lau and
press start,finally highlight Pai and hold start and press X. All of your
opponents will be replaced by the Alpha bet character.

Play as Alphabet Man
To play as Alphabet Man:

Select Normal mode.
Highlight Akira and press Start.
Highlight Lion and press Start.
Highlight Pai and press Start.
Now pick any character and they will be their Alphabet Man version.

Play as Dural in any mode:
On the character select screen, Press; Down, Up, Right, Left, Start.
Dural will appear and she may be selected normally.Press A for silver
Dural, press Start+A to play as Gold Dural.

Play as Gold Dural:
Press Start + Y + A at the character selection screen. This this only
works in Training mode.

Play as Silver Dural
Press Start + X + A at the character selection screen.

Slow Motion Replay
Press and hold the Dodge button at the "KO" screen to recieve a replay
in slow motion.

Patrick Hofmann <>


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