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Level Select:
At the main menu press R1 + L1 + Select + Start at the same time.

and weapons:
Hold circ, tri, squa and X and press Right
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Alejandro Boix <>alejandro_boix@hotmail.com

 Press [F9] to display the console window. Type


 to enable cheat mode and invincibility. Then, enter one of the following
 codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:

 darci            Play as Officer D'arci
 roper            Play as Roper
 win              Level completed
 lose             Level lost
 boo              Explosion cluster
 cctv             Fluorescent green graphics
 world            Music select
 ambient [red]    Set ambient light red
 ambient [green]  Set ambient light green
 ambient [blue]   Set ambient light blue
 fade [number]    Set fog fade level
 crinkles         Toggle Crinkles
 telw [number]    Advance to indicated game point
 tels             Save a waypoint on map
 telr             Return to saved waypoint

 Cheat Codes (in-game)

 Enable cheat mode, then resume the game. Press one of the following keys
 while playing a game to activate the corresponding cheat function:

 [L]              Create light
 [Keypad 5]       Execute game effect
 [F3]             Exit game
 [R]              Explosive barrel
 [G]              Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge
 [Keypad 3]       Orange fog
 [,]              Pause
 [W]              Rain ripples
 [E]              Random vehicle
 [Keypad 7]       Select game effect
 [;]              Slow motion
 [>]              Smoke trails
 [F12]            Spawn weapons
 [/]              Stealth debug mode
 [F11]            Toggle clouds
 [[]              Toggle enemy view
 []]              Toggle enemy view
 [P]              View car paths
 [Q]              View coordinates grid
 [J]              View game statistics
 [Ctrl]           View pedestrian walking areas


 During the game, press [Esc][Enter][Up]. A Save Game screen appears and you
 will see that it has the comment, that you have beaten the level.

Infinite Health - Physical Traning  F5698D88000000C8

Infinite Time - Driving Bronze  73F5C84700002E22

Infinite Time - Driving Silver  B60621D100002E22

Infinite Health - Combat Tutorial  F8F98DCB000000C8

Infinite Health - Combat Silver  50376C19000000C8

Infinite Health - Combat Gold  428A0487000000C8

Infinite Health - RTA  5DD76C23000000C8

Infinite Health - The Jump  88B3968B000000C8

Infinite Health - Gun Hunt  8B03967A000000C8

Infinite Health - Trouble In The Park  AB534ACF000000C8

Infinite Health - Nitro Car  9FB81165000000C8

Cheats by Dokta T.; Dokta@Newsring.de


  1. File:Urban-savegame 1.rar - All level accessable
  2. File:Urban-editor.rar - Savegame editor with uncountable features
  3. File:Urban1-trainer.rar - Ammo trainer
  4. File:Urban2-trainer.rar - Start and press NEXT
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