Twisted Edge

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To enable codes, access the Sound Menu and adjust the music settings
as shown. Then highlight sound effects feature and push indicated
buttons simultaneously.
                           MUSIC   SOUND   MUSIC   MUSIC
CHEAT             SPEECH   VOL.    FX      TEST    VOL.
All Players       OFF      4       1       2       C-RIGHT+C-DOWN
Ant               ON       1       6       1       Z+C-RIGHT
Art Boards        ON       5       1       3       C-LEFT+C-UP
Board Only        OFF      7       5       2       Z+C-DOWN
BOSS Board        OFF      6       3       4       C-UP
Canada            ON       4       0       7       Z+C-UP+C-LEFT
Easy Tracks       ON       7       2       6       L
Normal Tracks     OFF      3       5       6       R
Hard Tracks       ON       5       2       4       Z
Ghost 1           ON       4       6       5       L+R
Ghost 2           OFF      0       8       3       R+C-UP+C-DOWN
Ghost in Replay   ON       8       8       7       L+R+C-DOWN
Grow              OFF      8       7       5       Z+C-LEFT
Helium            OFF      0       7       1       C-LEFT+C-UP+C-DOWN
Light             OFF      5       1       6       L+C-UP+C-LEFT
Little Bob (Tiny) ON       7       7       5       L
Long Credits      OFF      2       2       3       C-UP+Z
Stunt Credits     ON       1       3       7       C-DOWN+Z
Midway Board      ON       8       4       5       C-LEFT
Midway Mode       ON       2       4       3       Z+L
Mirror Tracks     ON       7       6       6       L+R
Naked Dude (G)    OFF      6       4       6       C-LEFT+C-RIGHT+R
Night Mode        ON       2       8       5       Z+C-UP
No Board          ON       0       8       4       C-UP+C-LEFT+C-RIGHT

Back Flip    UP, DOWN, A (you can do a lot of these by holding DOWN
             after you hit A.)
Egg Flip     LEFT, RIGHT, A
Front Flip   DOWN, UP, A(you can only complete one of these in a jump)
McTwist 720  RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, A
Misty Flip   RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, A
Spin         Hold LEFT or RIGHT on the D-pad and tap A to complete
             a spin. The longer you hold RIGHT or LEFT, the longer
             you spin.

Easy Slider  (easy - normal - hard)
   - Right after the first pinwheel, turn a sharp left and find a
     shortcut and a jump
   - Keep going until you get to the train overpass. Jump the bump
     behind the truck that is off to the left for another shortcut
     and jump

Twisty Canyon  (easy - normal)
   - Go to the right whenever there is a fork in the road
   - After the 2nd fork in the road, go until the roads merge. You
     will get to a big jump. At the bottom of it there is a blue
     fence. Jump it.

Polar Paradise  (easy - normal)
   - Go until you see a little bump coming out from the right side
     (it has two little jump arrows on it). Just at the bottom, to
     the right are a set of arrows telling you to go left. Go right
     up next to the arrows. There is a jump right after (no little
     jump signs though). you will see two trees at the bottom. Go
     between them. After a few seconds you will see a tree that
     you can grind. Grind it. You will land back on the path.
   - Keep going until you see a jump surrounded by an arched rock.
     Use it. Follow the left wall until you see 2 trees. Go between
     them and jump the fence. Go slightly right and you will land
     on a rock (this takes lots of practice). At the bottom you with
     land on the normal path.

Polar Paradise  (hard)
   - When you start, go down the path and keep going until the
     first ledge. Pull a hard left and jump. You'll go through a
     secret path.
   - Keep going down the secret path, then at the jump were the
     house is (it's behind the lining) after you go off the ledge
     go the direction it is at th let, there should be a little
     tunnel go done it and you'll go out a jump sending you down
     the track.
     CAUTION: On secret 2 when you go off the jump you might hit
     the ledge.

Funky Town  (normal - hard)
   - Go until you get to the bridge. DON'T jump the hole, go down
     through it. Follow the mining tunnels and you are home free.


The more stunts you do the faster you get in the race. This code
only works in racing mode.

Watch carefully when the race begins. Just after the word "Go"
disapears, press UP twice. If done correctly you should get a jump
start and be ahead of the other racers.

Bob    Finish first overall on the mirror courses.
Tiny   Medal in all difficulty levels of Competition Mode.
"G"    Rank first overall in Stunt Mode with at least 28,000 points.

Bucky Board     Complete Stunt Challenge Mode
Flower Board    Place in all courses in the first round of
                Competition Mode
XXX6            Finish first in all races
Midway          Finish first in all races
Top Gear Rally  Finish first in all races (or put a custom paint job
                from "Top Gear Rally" on your memory pak)

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