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Press in the inventory-screen on the last page of your passport:
Z, Y, Z, Y, X, X, X and then Start.

Master Code             :  F60073C6 C305
                           B6002800 0000
Unendlich Energie       :  10247092 03E8
Waffen und Energie      :  16061184 0008
Unendl. Magnum-Munition :  1609334A 0032
Unendl. Uzi-Munition    :  16093356 0032
Unendl. Sauerstoff      :  160932B6 0708

Big Guns:
go to the inventory screen. press these buttons : L1, TRIANGLE, R2, L2, L2, R2,

Enter the following L1 L1 L1 L1 L2 L2 circle square square triangle triangle if
done correctly you will hear a double moan

In Pause Mode press: triangle, square, r1, L2, circle, square

All Weapons:
When you are in the game, go to the inventory screen by pressing select, now
press the following buttons in this order: L1,Triangle,R2,L2,L2,R2,Circle,L1.
You will hear Lara make a sound. Now press the X button and go back to the
inventory screen with select. YOu will now have access to all the weapons

Submission: Bill

Level Skip:
While playing, go to your inventory screen by pressing SELECT, and press L2, R2,
TRI, L1, L1, CIR, R2, L2. Then, press SELECT to go to the next level. This codes
works for the PAL version, but has not yet been tested for the NTSC version.

NTSC (US) Codes:
All weapons and ammunition reload:
During game play, press Select to enter the inventory screen. Press L1,
Triangle, R2, L2(2), R2, Circle, L1 in the NTSC
version of the game. A sound by Lara will confirm correct code entry.
This code assumes that the buttons have been left in their default

Level skip:
During game play, press Select to enter the inventory screen. Press L2, R2, L1
Circle, Triangle, L1, R2, L2 in the NTSC
version of the game. Then, press Select to skip to the next level.
This code assumes that the buttons have been left in their default

All weapons and unlimited ammunition:
Win the game and load any saved level to access all weapons, unlimited
ammunition, and additional enemies.

Note: It would seem everybody is submitting different codes for this game, so try the ones below
until you find ones that work!

Infinite Energy:
 80176A82 03E8

Infinite Energy:
 801768C6 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 1-3:
 800881D0 03E8
 80194AF6 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 4:
 8017692A 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 5:
 800881D0 03E8
80188656 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 6:
 800881D0 03E8
8018EE86 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 7:
 800881D0 03E8
8019D676 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 8:
 800881D0 03E8
801ABAF2 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 9:
 800881D0 03E8
801A05CE 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 10:
 801821BA 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 11:
 800881D0 03E8
80189872 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 12:
 800881D0 03E8
8018F32A 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 13:
 800881D0 03E8
8019F0CA 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 14:
 8019C6D6 03E8

Infinite Energy Level 15:
 800881D0 03E8
801A331A 03E8

Infinite Shotgun Shells:
 801DE2F8 03E8

Infinite Magnum Rounds:
 801DE2E0 03E8

Infinite Uzi Rounds:
 801DE2EC 03E8

Infinite Shotgun Shells:
 801DE258 001E

Number of Magnum Clips = XXXX:
 800887CA XXXX

Number of Uzi Clips = XXXX:
 800887CC XXXX

Number of Large Medi Kits = XXXX:
 800887CE XXXX

Number of Shotgun Shells = XXXX:
 801DE13C XXXX

Infinite Large Medi Kits:
 8002C3D0 0000

Infinite Shotgun Shells:
 8003369C 0000

Level Select (Note 1):
 80027F38 0000
 800876F8 00NN

Note 1: Replace NN with 01 to 0F to select level 1-15 (in Hex).

Infinite health - Peru (Levels 1-4) (Note 1)

 80176736 03E8

City of Villcabamba:
 80181306 03E8

Lost Valley:
 801947AA 03E8

Tomb of Qualopec:
 801765DE 03E8

Infinite health - Monastery (Levels 5-9) (Note 1)

St. Francis' Folly:
 8018830A 03E8

 8018EB3A 03E8

Palace Midas:
 8019D32A 03E8

The Cistern:
 801AB7A6 03E8

Tomb of Tihocan:
 801A0282 03E8

Infinite health - Egypt (Levels 10-12) (Note 1)

City of Khamoon:
 80181E6E 03E8

Obelisk of Khamoon:
 80189526 03E8

Sanctuary of the Scion:
 8018EFDE 03E8

Infinite health - The Lost City (Levels 13-15) (Note 1)

Natla's Mines:
 8019ED7E 03E8

 8019C38A 03E8

The Great Pyramid:
 801A2FCE 03E8

Infinite swimming (All Levels):
 801DDF02 0708

Infinite shotgun ammo:
 801DDFAC 0018

Infinite magnum ammo:
 801DDF94 0032

Infinite uzi ammo:
 801DDFA0 0032

Note 1 : Only activate the code set you need. Lara will still die if she falls off high areas or
into traps.


 Only two usefull cheats are public so far, a leftover from the PSX

 Here is how to skip the current level:

 1. Let Lara stand still
 2. One step forth
 3. One step back
 4. Let Lara spin around three times to the right side
 5. One jump forth

 And to get all the weapons and full ammo:

 1. Walk one step forward
 2. Walk one step back
 3. Turn around 360 degrees three times
 4. Jump backwards

 When you play Tombraider 1 and the Unfinished Business (Gold) on a PC
 with a 3Dfx card you can see the FPS (frames per second) in the upper
 left corner if you hit the [F2] key.


This is concerning Tomb raider 1 in the midas level, you had said in the
walkthrough that you wrote for Dirty Little Helper, that you didnt
know how to get into a secret door, this is how you get in that door:

The door at the bottom of the god's hall must be opened by standing on
the pressure plate on the platform directly in front of the entrance
against the opposite wall.  This must be done before opening any of the

by snoopy,


For the Sega Saturn version

  1. File:Tomb Raider walkthrough.txt - Walkthrough

For the PC version

  1. File:Tomb Raider faq.txt
  2. File:TombRaider1-other.rar
  3. File:Tr-editor.rar - Unzip and read readme.txt for more information
  4. File:Nude1-other.rar - The famous nude patch
  5. File:Tomb-other.rar - Complete walkthru in WinWord format
  6. File:Lara-other.rar
  7. File:0397 11-savegame.rar - Here are 15 saved games for any situation.
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