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Use as your nickname "dead" and press then during the game A+B+C. Now you have
all attractions!

Money Code:
Enter as your nickname BOVINE and press O + S + X during game. (Can be done more than once).

Submission: Damian Gick (

All rides, shops and attractions:
Enter "BOVINE" as a nickname.

Additional Gold Tickets:
When starting a new park press up, down, left, right, circle, right, left, down, up, circle.
Repeat this sequence a few times to get even more than much gold tickets.

Super park:
Enter "BUD" as a nickname. Then at the park selection screen, press Square. After the game begins,
maximum prices may be charged for the concessions, games, and park entrance.

Clean park:
Save the game when the park becomes full. Then reload the save and all of the garbage will
disappear, allowing a fresh

Infinite cash:
 801AF91C 7840
 801AF91E 017D

Infinite Money:
 801C5596 017D
 801C5594 7840

All Inventions:
 800DDA76 0888
800DDA7A 0888
 800DDA7E 0888
 800DDA82 0888
 800DDA86 0888
 800DDA8A 0888

Infinite money:
 801AF850 7840
 801AF852 017D

 Type HORZA when you are asked for your name when saving the game.
 Now start a new Park. Again where it asks for your nickname type
 HORZA. When you are in the game all you have to do is hit is
 [C] and you will get about $50,000. You may use this as many
 times as you wish.

 Also you can hit [Shift][Z] for all the trees, bathrooms etc. and
 [Ctrl][Z] for all the shops and [Alt][Z] for all the rides.

 You can also try as names:

 Demo           Ready build park
 Disneyland     No loan

Money rules the world, also in this game. Here are some level codes for parks
with much money...

Parkname        Codeword        Money
DISNEYLAND      FRN307THGB      35   millions
                PKNQ2FM6FB      32,3 millions
                PRNBWCKNGB      36,2 millions
EUROPARK        BBBBB3VN.090B   180  millions


 Heres a CHEAP way to build a very big Rollercoaster any size any

 First thing first, make sure you have enough room. for example 6
 squares from left to top to right and back again (or vice verser).

 Deploy the Rollercoaster and simply do a very small circle.

 Turn it on pay the bill and turn it off.
 Then expand it to a very very big track
 and turn it on and pay NOTHING!

 This cheat won`t work with corkscrew/loop ause you pay instaly for
 placing it down.

 Build yourself a Go-kart track, then build a water shute entrace on it,
 instead of Go-Kart entrance. This will cause folk to be in a rubber
 dingy on your track this should work otherway too!

 Cool Nasty Reallife Ripoff!

 Simply build a french fry shop. Put the salt level Full. (causing a
 thurst prob) bang down a Coke shop and charge a real nasty price about
 $1.50-$2.00 or in some rich countries $6-00 / $7-00

 Small FAQ on my cheat!

 1. Havn`t tried the cheap cheat with metro line , big dipper,
    water shute & Gokart but in theory it should work
 2. Version 1.0 of the game will only let you build so much track
    so make use of DLH`s awesome data base and get yourself the patch

 Scott Garcia,


  1. File:Theme Park faq.txt
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