The Settlers: Paths to a Kingdom

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The game recreates the building of a kingdom set in the early Renaissance period in a rich, wild, beautiful middle-European world of lush forests, open meadows, fast flowing rivers, and high mountains.

Based on the foundations of the highly acclaimed Settlers games, you will easily become engaged in an exciting campaign, skirmish maps, and multi-player challenges.

An innovative victory point system gives you a lot of variety to build up your blossoming kingdom. Several options, customizable maps, player generated content, and a strong online support will guarantee wide-ranging experiences encouraging you to play over and over again.


  • Enjoy deep and rich building & production systems encouraged by the classic Settlers gameplay
    • Create a kingdom with fortified towns and small villages where your Settlers produce goods for you.
    • Expand your realm village by village, sector by sector.
    • Optimize your creation by tuning production chains and transport systems.
  • Choose your path among 3 different ways to achieve victory:
    • Build strong armies and defeat your opponents by negating his military power.
    • Increase your influence in the monasteries to get access to the most attractive technologies.
    • Occupy the best trade routes to become the richest player on the map.
  • Play Settlers 7 online
    • For the first time in the franchise history, play The Settlers online.
  • Enjoy a brand-new graphics engine
    • Let's experience the beauty of your realm in an unseen level of detail.


  1. - +1 promo trainer
  2. - +1 promo trainer for v1.02
  3. - +29 trainer for v1.02 demo
  4. - +1 trainer for v1.03
  5. File:CJB-set7demo v103.rar - +30 trainer for v1.03 demo
  6. File:CJB-set7promo v103.rar - +1 promo trainer for v1.03
  7. - +4 trainer for v1.02
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