Test Drive 6

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Enter AKJGQ as a name.

All cars:
Enter DFGY as a name.

All tracks:
Enter ERDRTH as a name.

All quick race tracks:
Enter CVCVBM as a name.

No quick race tracks:
Enter OCVCVBM as a name.

Shorter tracks:
Enter QTFHYF as a name.

All challenges:
Enter OPIOP as a name.

No challenges:
Enter OPOIOP as a name.

Disable checkpoint times:
Enter FFOEMIT as a name.

Enable checkpoint times again:
Enter NOEMIT as a name.

Stop The Bomber mode:
Enter "RFGTR" as a name. Alternatively, catch all the speeders on the Paris, Rome, New York, Hong
Kong and London tracks in cop chase mode.

 On the tracks of Paris, Rome, New York, Hong Kong and London in cop chase
 mode catch all the speeers and the bomber mode will be stopped.

 Enter your name as "Honda XR" to drive the Honda Bike during the game.


  1. File:Td6-trainer.rar
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