Spot Goes to Hollywood

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Infinite energy (Note 1):
 8005E2B8 0003
 80062724 0003
 800628CC 0003

Note 1: Once you have selected this code from the Action Replay Menu you must wait for the Action
Replay cartridge to reset the PlayStation and once the PSX logo is displayed, switch off the Action
Replay cartridge (move the switch into the down position). Once Cool Spot has loaded, start the game
and then move the switch back into the up position. This should let you play with infinite lives and

Level Select:
At the title screen, press Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle, Left, Down, Right, Up,
Triangle. Then on the main menu, select the "Cool" option and press X to activate the "Open Levels"
selection. Return to the main menu and select the "Start" option. Select the "Continue Game" option
and press X at the password screen. A level selection menu will now appear.

Extra Lives:
Enable the "Level select" code. Then start a game, pause and press Square. Now fifty additional
lives will be added to the game.

View FMV sequences:
At the level selection screen, enable the "Level select" code. Then, hold Square + Start.