Space Jam

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Endless sprint on court:
742D695F 1701
842D695F 1767
742D695D B167
842D695D 1765

No Shot timer:
7424B8DC 6B25
8424B8DC D084
7424B8DE 70A0
8424B8DE D082

End Quarter (Press Select+R2):
742262B4 DDE9
84225B69 477B

Team 1 start with 10 points:
7422768A 3408
8422768A 3402

Team 2 start with 10 points:
742276B6 242C
842276B6 2426

No Timer in Mini-Game Quacked Capper:
742DA957 B834
842DA957 D72F

Dog won't attack in Mini-Game Quacked Capper:
742D970B 155D
842D970B 155C

10 bottles found in Mini-Game Locker Room:
74210672 80AC
84210672 80A6

Endless ammo in Mini-Game Space Race:
742DB43A E26E
842DB43A E26B

Easy win in Mini-Game Space Race:
742DB42C F260
842DB42C F264

Start with 200 points in Mini-Game Shoot Out :
74227361 2F5B
84227361 2F93

Start with 200 points in Mini-Game Hall of Hijinx :
74227B3D 17A7
84227B3D 176F
Unlimited Power:
At the space jam title s,t,c,left,right,and L1 for unlimited power

Cheat Mode:
Go to the options menu. Highlight the game options icon, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2, and press X. Note:
To exit this menu and activate the codes, press X.

Infinite Turbo:
Get a flawless victory on Speedy's Space Race.

100% shooting percentage
Get a flawless victory in Sam's Shootout.

No Goaltending:
Only hit the top targets in Lola Bunny's Hall of Hijinx.

Different Ships in Space Race:
On the hard difficulty level, win the Intergalactic tournament with any Tune Squad member, then play
another game. Go to Space Race at intermission to see the ships.

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