Shockwave Assault

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Infinite Lasers:
 8006EBDC 2C2B

Infinite Missiles:
 8006E7DC 000F
 8006EBE0 000F

Infinite Fuel:
 8006B550 017B
 8006B554 002B
 8006EBDC 2B2B

To activate the codes, pause the game type the password and then QUIT (the select button) Do this separately for each password.
(), [], >< Allows you to enter the following codes:
[], ><, /\ Gives you ???
(), (), ><, (), /\, [] Special laser
(), ><, [] Refuels you once
Submission: Damian Gick (

It's not in the book, but you can hold Ls and press L or R to roll.
Submission: Damian Gick (

Milk Run:
For a hilarious diversion, load a saved game that has beaten mission 10. You'll notice the mission is #11, Milk Run. ICE is now a few beans short of a burrito, if you'll pardon the expression!
Submission: Damian Gick (

Explanation of the funny lights in the cockpit:
By Philippe Tarbouriech <> from Electronic Arts, one of the Shockwave designers of the 3DO version:
The green light going up and down on the left of the cockpit represents the number of pieces being loaded from the CD-ROM.
- The little colored dot on the lower right that changes color is an indication of memory fragmentation.
- The graph on the left is the frame rate : number of VBL per frame.
- The graph on the right is the number of actors in the simulation/8, every 8 frames.

Elvis is in Shockwave: Info from Oliver Wade <> :
You have to blow up the octagonal shaped moon base at the beginning of level 10. If you fly back over it you'll see a very small Elvis jumping up and down, trying to get rescued (you can't rescue him). This was my only (very small) contribution to Shockwave and I just wondered if anyone had seen it.

 Create a new player with any of the following names (or,
 rename a  saved player file) :

 THINKBLUE     - Super strong shields and lasers
 PLAYLEVEL + # - Skip to the chosen level (# = level number
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