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 During a mission, hit [Esc] and type RATTY RAT RATTY for

 It is easy to select a mission: press [F12] on the title screen.
 Also you here can edit the conversation options of the crew members.


 To change the specs of your mission you have to survive the first
 mission, because there is no way to save the game before the end
 of the first section.
 Now load the file shock.gms into the hex editor and now you have
 the possibility to change the following offsets:

 Offset          Contents              change to
 0002            mission number        01 to 25
 000A            possible tank shields 00 to 06
 000C            current tank shields  08 for one shields
                                       10 for two shields
                                       18 for three shields
                                       20 for four shields
                                       28 for five shields
                                       30 for six shields
 000E            # Sams                00 to 04
 0014            # air raids           00 to 01
 0016            # power               00 to 04
 0018            # tank tracks         00 to 04
 001A            # ammo kits           00 to 04
 001C            # target kits         00 to 04
 001E            # cooling kits        00 to 04
 0020 - 0023     money                 20 A1 07 00  ($ 500.000)
 0024 - 0027     points                what ever you like
 0028 - 0029     hit accurance         64 00   (100 %)

 The possible and the current tank shields should be the same.
To enter a secret menu go first in the save-room. Now select the
brieifng room without entering it and enter following combination:

down, up, down, 7x up, 2x down, 3x A

 80087F32 0600

Infinite money:
 80085868 C350

Gun never overheats:
 80087F20 0000

Max Armour:
 80085852 0006

Max Sams:
 80085856 0004

Max Air Support:
 8008585C 0001

Max Engine:
 8008585E 0004

Max Tracks:
 80085860 0004

Max Reload Mech:
 80085862 0004

Max Targetting Comp:
 80085864 0004

Max Coolant:
 80085866 0004

 80087EF4 0600
 80087EF6 0600

Infinite money:
 80085894 C350

Gun never overheats:
 80087EE4 0000

Max Armour:
 8008587E 0006
 80085880 0030

Max Sams:
 80085882 0004

Max Air Support:
 80085888 0001

Max Engine:
 8008588A 0004

Max Tracks:
 8008588C 0004

Max Reload Mech:
 8008588E 0004

Max Targetting Comp:
 80085890 0004

Max Coolant:
 80085892 0004

 80087C1E 0300

Infinite SAMs:
 800855AE 0004

Infinite Cash:
 800855C0 FFFF

Upgrade Target Comp:
 800855BC 0004

Upgrade Engine:
 800855B6 0004

Upgrade Track:
 800855B8 0004

Upgrade Coolant:
 800855BE 0004

Upgrade Reloader:
 800855BA 0004

Upgrade Armor:
 800855AC 0004

Test Menues:
On the US release, you must do the code like this up down left right down down
right right and then SQUARE for the test menus

Debug Game:
When the Core Design copyright screen appears, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down(2), Right(2),
Square in the NTSC version of the game. For the PAL version of the game, press Triangle instead of
Square. If you entered the code correctly, a debug menu will appear. Highlight the credits option in
the debug menu and press Left(8), Triangle for an added bonus.

Endless Energy:
Start a game and then press Start + Select to quit. Then at the main title screen, press Up(3),
Down(3), Right(2), Triangle. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a chime.
While playing the game, the energy bar will still go down, but will eventually rise again.

Bonus Mission:
Enter the briefing area and go to the locker on the left side of the screen. Then, open the locker
and enter "4L2CZCQKDAABACQDB" at the password screen. Now a mission to destroy the Crimson Blade
training camp in the Masirah Mountains will begin.

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