Shattered Horizon

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Shattered Horizon is set 40 years from now. Man is back on the Moon and the companies that took him there are reaping huge profits. Their greed soon leads to the largest mining accident in history. A catastrophic explosion throws billions of tons of rocky debris into near-Earth space, its aftershocks threatening to tear apart the Moon itself.

Fragments of the Moon settle around the Earth and become known as the Arc, named after the dramatic shape they draw across the night sky. With Earth surrounded by debris there's little chance of rescue or return for the thousands of people stranded in space.

The International Space Agency's (ISA) astronauts and scientists trapped in the battered International Space Station are given the task of apprehending those responsible for the catastrophe. Weapons are among the last supplies sent to the station before the supply route from Earth is cut. The Moon Mining Cooperative (MMC) finds itself facing serious charges after only barely surviving the cataclysm. Cut off from Earth, they see the ISA as a threat to their very existence.

The two sides are drawn into an armed conflict. Desperate battles are fought over strategic locations and the scant supplies from Earth that make it through the shroud of debris. Control of the Arc now means the difference between survival and death in the cold of space.

Shattered Horizon is a multiplayer shooter played in zero gravity. Join your friends in intense 32 player battles to control hollowed-out asteroids, huge fragments of Moon rock and the ruined remains of the International Space Station.

Familiar and intuitive FPS controls let you take full advantage of these distinctive environments. Use your rocket pack to move freely through space and then land on any surface. Engage enemies in furious firefights, or ambush them from unexpected angles. Zero gravity offers you freedom of movement that cannot be found in any other game.

Attacks can come from any direction so keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of enemy movement. With your rifle at the ready you can handle anything the enemy can throw at you. A rapid fire weapon with a generous clip, it is both accurate and deadly at medium range. The stealthier combatant can engage the weapon's scope and prime the chamber with a powerful 10 shot burst, lethal over longer distances. And for those who like to get up close and personal, the rifle's retractable bayonet is a fearsome tool in the right hands.

Fire ICE grenades to provide cover or be more aggressive by using EMP grenades to disable enemy electronics or MPRs to blast enemies out of cover. Your weapon will save your life so hang on to it. If you let go of your gun, chances are you're already dead.


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