Sega Rally Championship

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 Easy Way to Get the Stratos Car

 To get the Stratos Car the Easy way go to the Menu Screen then Press
 X,Y,Z,Y,X select a mode. At the Car select screen to select the Stratos
 move to the Celica and press down to select the AT transmission and the
 Delta to select the MT Transmission.

 Hyper Car

 Hold Down X and Press Enter to choose your car at the car select. It
 looks the same but it is easier to handle.

 Lake Side Course

 To get the Lake Side course Finish the Championship overall in 1st place.
 At least 9th on the Desert course, 4th on the Forest course, and 1st on
 the Mountain course.

 Mirror Mode

 Hold Y and press Enter at the game select mode in Arcade mode.

 Ultimate Ghost Car

 Go to Time Attack. Where it says 3 Laps or Free Run, hold X and Y and
 select 3 Laps.


  Sega Rally Championship

  Forbidden Name for Name Entry Screen: SEX

  Like Side Track Trigger:

  Press X+Y (on the keyboard) on the main menu. The Lake Side Track
  can be selected on Practice, Time Attack and 2-Player Mode. It
  will appear on the Records Screen and the music can be selected on
  the Sound Option screen. (This cheat has to be entered only once.)

  Stratos Trigger:

  On the main menu press X, Y, Z, Y, X (on the keyboard). To select
  the Stratos car in Arcade Mode, press right when the cursor is on
  Delta MT on car select for Stratos MT, and left when cursor is on
  Celica AT for Stratos AT. The Stratos car appears on the Record
  screen. (This cheat has to be entered only once.)
  (MT = Manual Transmission; AT = Automatic Transmission)

  High Powered Car:

  Hold X+C (keyboard) and press enter to choose your car on the car
  select screen. New Records will appear for Hyper Cars.

  Opponent races with Stratos:

  Choose Practice Mode, hold down Z+C (keyboard) and press enter to
  choose course. Keep holding down Z+C until the game starts.
  (Stratos car MUST be enabled!)

  Mirror Mode:

  Arcade. On select game screen hold Y+C and press enter to select
  Championship/Practice. Time Attack/2P. On course select screen
  hold Y+C and press enter to select course. (Time record and ghost
  data will not be recorded. No ghost will be available.)

  Ending Camera Zoom:

  When replay is being showed, press accelerate/brake button or
  numpad 4 to toggle views; press Up/Down to zoom in/out. Switch to
  chase car perspective and press left, right, up or down to get
  different car perspectives; use change view button to get the
  original chase car view.


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