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Cheat Passwords

Pause the game, choose "CHEATS". and enter one of the following...
Password                Effect
FLYSTRT                 CHEAT: Decrease Cop Heat
NOBALLS                 CHEAT: Decrease Gang Heat
FPATCH                  CHEAT: Fill Balls Meter
DONUT                   CHEAT: Increase Cop Heat
GOBALLS                 CHEAT: Increase Gang Heat
KILLTONY                CHEAT: Kill Tony
AMMO                    CHEAT: Max Ammo
MEDIK                   CHEAT: Refill Health
BLACK                   Clothing: Black Suit Tony
BLUESH                  Clothing: Blue Suit Tony With Sunglasses
GRAY                    Clothing: Gray Suit Tony
GRAYSH                  Clothing: Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses
HAWAII                  Hawaiian shirt Tony
HAWAIIG                 Hawaiian shirt Tony w/shades
TUNEME                  Music Track: "The World Is Yours"
TBURGLR                 Repair Tony's Vehicle
SANDY                   Sandy shirt Tony
SANDYSH                 Sandy shirt Tony w/shades
OLDFAST                 Vehicle: Spawn Ariel MK III
666999                  Vehicle: Spawn Bacinari
DOZER                   Vehicle: Spawn Bulldozer
MARTHA                  Weather Modifier: Change Time of Day
SHAZAAM                 Weather Modifier: Toggle Lightning
RAINY                   Weather Modifier: Toggle Rain
WHITE                   White suit Tony
WHITESH                 White suit Tony w/shades

Mission Select

Enter under cheats menu
Password                Effect
S13                     Babylon Club Redux
DW_fron                 Cabana Cigar/Oakly drive in
S07A                    Freedom town redux
F_M_SHA                 Havana Storehouse
DW_fron                 Ogrady's

Pause your game, then select "Cheats" from the menu and enter any of the codes below.
Password Effect
DOZER .. Bulldozer
NOBALLS  Decrease Gang Heat
FLYSTRT  Decreases Cop Heat
FPATCH . Fill Balls Meter
GRAYSH . Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses
DONUT .. Increase Cop Heat
GOBALLS  Increase Gang Heat
AMMO ... Max Ammo
MEDIK .. Refill Health
RAINY .. Toggle Rain


  1. File:Pdscf11t 1.rar
  2. File:Scarfacetrn11.rar
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