Saturn Bomberman

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Bonus Battle Game Characters
     For two new battle game characters, hold L + R on the first screen that appears when you enter
     Battle Mode. The characters are Yuna, a very fast girl with Bomb Boot and Manto, a bear with
     Power Glove.

Easy Win in the Soccer Stadium
     Kick a bomb into the goal and get out of the way fast cause it cause explosions clear across the
     field if all the blocks are blown up.

Extra Lives
     For 3 extra lives in the Normal Game, play between 10:00am and 11:00am or set your Saturn's
     clock to that time.

Level Select
     At the title screen, enter one of the sequences below to start on
     the desired level.

     Level  Code
     1      L, R, A, UPPER-LEFT
     2      L, R, B, UPPER-LEFT
     3      L, R, C, UPPER-RIGHT
     4      L, R, X, UPPER-RIGHT
     5      L, R, Y, UP

Powered-Up Level Select
     To start on any level with 10 bombs and all power ups, enter one
     of the codes below. Enter these on the title screen while the
     Bombermen are dancing.

     Level  Code
     1      L + R, UPPER-LEFT + A
     2      L + R, UPPER-LEFT + B
     3      L + R, UPPER-RIGHT + C
     4      L + R, UPPER-RIGHT + X
     5      L + R, UP + Y

View Normal Game Ending
     Hold L + R and press Down + Z while the Bombermen are
     dancing on the title screen.

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