Samurai Warriors: State of War

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Maxing Out All Character Stats

Finish all story mode parts for all characters, and you will be able to boost all characters' stats beyond their normal growth limits to max.

Unlockable Characters

Clear the appointed campaign with different characters to unlock the characters below.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
Goemon Ishikawa         Clear Magoichi first campaign
Hanzo Hattori           Clear Yukimura second campaign
Hideyoshi Hashiba       Clear Nobunaga first campaign
Ina                     Clear Yukimura second campaign
Keiji Maeda             Clear Magoichi first campaign
Kunoichi                Clear Yukimura first campaign
Masumune Date           Clear Tadakatsu first campaign
Mitsuhide Akechi        Clear Nobunaga second campaign
Noh                     Clear Nobunaga first campaign
Ranmaru Mori            Clear Nobunaga second campaign
Shingen Takeda          Clear Yukimura first campaign
Tadakatsu Honda         Clear Yukimura second campaign
Yoshimoto Imagawa       Clear Tadakatsu first campaign

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