Saints Row

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Get Out of the Demo Wall

In the Demo There are Red Walls that read Demo on them boxing you into the game area.
You can leave the demo area by doing the following:

-Get into a car-
-drive next to a demo wall making sure the drivers door is right next to it-
-Exit the car-

If you did this correctly you should be on the other side of the wall.

On the other side of the wall inside the basket ball court you will find an AK-47.

If you walk too far then the Demo will end.

Phone Numbers: Cheats, Rides, Help, and Funny messages...

Pause the game and press the L or R Trigger until you reach your phone.
Select DIAL and enter one of the following numbers then press CALL.
NOTE: The ( ) and - symbols are automatically entered for you, you just need the number. The only symbols you're required to enter are the # or * if contained in a number. Warning: The codes that have # in front of them are considered cheats and you won't get achievements doing this.
Password                Effect
911                     Ambulance (Restores Health)
555-3765                Brown Baggers
5552445                 Chicken Ned
#sunny                  clear skies
(555) 018-0174          Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)
#Shepherd               Enables "Give .44 Shepherd"
#12Gauge                Enables "Give 12 Gauge"
#AS12Riot               Enables "Give AS12 Riot"
#GDHC50                 Enables "Give GDHC .50"
#Grenade                Enables "Give Hand Grenade"
#Krukov                 Enables "Give K6 Krukov"
#Knife                  Enables "Give Knife"
#Molotov                Enables "Give Molotov Cocktail"
#NR4                    Enables "Give NR4"
#Pipebomb               Enables "Give Pipe Bomb"
#Rocket                 Enables "Give RPG Launcher"
#T3KUrban               Enables "Give T3K Urban"
#Tombstone              Enables "Give Tombstone"
#Vice9                  Enables "Give Vice 9"
555-5966                Eye for an Eye Voodoo
#fullhealth             Full Health
#66639                  Give money
#10                     God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly)
555-9473                Grounds for Divorce
#AMMO                   Infinite Ammo
#SPRINT                 Infinite Sprint
555-9467                Legal Lee's
555-3863                Lik-a-Chick
555-7296                On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555-5926                On The Rag Clothing
555-3493                Rim Jobs
#shogun                 Shogun in garage
#2855364                Spawn a Bulldog
#bulldozer              Spawn bulldozer
#AQUA                   spawn the Aqua car
#22766                  Spawns a Baron
#3378469                Spawns a Destiny
#78682                  Spawns a Quota
#7288537                Spawns a Rattler
#732737                 Spawns a Reaper (Hurst)
#268                    Spawns an Ant
555-2626                Stocks
1-555-ITS-OVER          Suicide Hotline
555-6238                The Dead Cow
555-455-8008            TNA Taxi Service
#42637867               Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat


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