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Access the Lake Side Course
To race the Lake Side Course you must come in first place at the end of the mountain
track. You don't need to place first in each track.

Mirror Mode
Hold Y and press C on the select game screen.

Hyper Car Mode
Hold X and press C to choose a car on the seceltion screen.

New Car
Place 1st in normal mode with one car, on championship mode (1 lap). A new car
called Lancia Stratos will appear.

Choosing Stratos in the Arcade Mode
Choose Celica MT, instead of pressing C, press down and the Celia will change to
Stratos AT, press C.

Choose Delta MT, instead of pressing C press down and the Delta will change to
Stratos MT, press C.

Zoom in during Replays
During replays hold Down+Z, then use the Left and Right buttons to zoom in and

Play the Lake Side Course
At the main menu press X+Y.

Choose Lancia Stratos the easy way
At the title screen (or Main Menu) enter X,, Y, Z, Y, X and you'll get the Lancia Stratos.
At the car select screen move all the way to the right for the Automatic, all the way to
the left for the Manual. Code does not save, and must be re-entered.

Full screen mode
On the last option screen Press and hold A, X, and Z untill the race screen comes up.
You should have no speed or time stuff on your screen.


  1. File:Bldswdtr.rar
  2. File:Pzdbas8t.rar
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