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Use black car:
 800856D2 000C

Infinite time:
 80136198 099F

More speed:
 80085770 07FF

More acceleration:
 80085782 00FF

Beginner level select extra:
 80085684 0005

Mid-level select extra:
 80085684 0006

High-level select extra:
 80085684 0007

TT level select extra:
 80085684 0008

Infinite Time:
 80136198 0FFF

Always First Place:
 8008579C 0001

Extra Cars:
 800856D2 0FFF

Night Time Effect:
 8017C658 0001

Maximum Revs:
 801E0D44 2800

Select any car (inc Black):
 80173300 000D

Select any course (all 8):
 801E90A8 0008

Max speed:
 801D7F40 0688

Max 6th gear revs:
 801D7F48 4FFF

Black car:
 80080196 000C

Infinite time:
 80130C5C 06C5

Always come first:
 80080260 0001

Infinite lap time:
 80080270 0000
 80080274 0000
 80080278 0000

Super Speed (Note 1):
 80080246 0120

All cars available:
 801D6DFC 0001
 801DB008 0001

All tracks available:
 80176C00 00FF

Super Handling:
 8008022C 08FF

Change Race Views (Note 2)

Security Cameras:

Blimp Camera:

Drop Camera:

Note 1: To start super speed you must hold down acceleration at beginning of the race. You can
change the speed by changing the value 0120.

Note 2: To update the view in the Drop Camera mode, simply hit the change view button.

Extra Cars:
Shoot all the Galaxians during load-up to chose from eight additional cars. Start shooting
immediately to get off a couple
early shots.

Submission: Damian Gick (

Extra Tracks:
Finish all the tracks in first place to race track backwards.

Submission: Damian Gick (

Effects Hold  L1+R1 (L2+R2 will also work) then move the pad and press the buttons to make the flag
turn or get bigger and smaller.
The Start button will make it transparent.

Submission: Damian Gick (

Spinning Cars/Tracks:
During the car and level selects screens, hold down L1 or R1 to make them rotate.

Submission: Damian Gick (

Mirror Tracks:
At the start of a race, turn around right away and run into the wall behind the starting area at
full speed.

Submission: Damian Gick (

Black Lambo:
To drive the Black Lambo, beat him in the Time Trial (TT) extra.

Submission: Damian Gick (

Play Your Own Music:
First load the game up to the title screen, then remove the Ridge Racer CD with the power ON, then
put in your
own music CD.

Submission: Damian Gick (

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