Record Of Lodoss War

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Hint: Extra storage:
Use the chest in the Blacksmith's shop to store extra inventory items.

Hint: New items from chests:
Save the game before opening a chest.
If you do not get a valuable item, reset the game, reload the save and open the chest again.
Most chests will give items at random.

Hint: Easy level up:
Use the following trick to quickly way to level up at the beginning of the game.
Note: This does not always work due to being killed in the process.
Once you leave the caves you start at and enter the cemetery, kill and collect everything.
You should be at level 3 now with the Claymore Sword.
Go to the Goblin's house in the cemetery and save the game outside.
Go inside and start attacking the Goblin caretaker.
Stand close so he is pinned by you and a desk or another object.
You should be doing about 30 to 40 damage and it will some time.
When he diesn he drops a decoding scroll.
You should have the one from the crate and the one from him.
When you go into the tomb and find the magic-bound door, you can now go through.
After killing the Goblin caretaker you should be level 9.
You can go through the magic-bound door down in the tomb and find your way to the lair
of the zombies.
You should be strong enough now with all the equipment you have collected to kill the zombies.
Killing the red one first will destroy the others,
but you may not get any experience for them.
You will gain 5,000 mythril and also a necklace with wards against all the
elements at four a piece, and it adds nicely to your stats.

Hint: Easy money, items, armor, and weapons:
In the Goblin Fort is a Goblin that will ask if you want to gather the troops.
Answer "Yes" and tell them to search for treasure.
They will return with random items such as mithril and other things.


Den zuerst  9C5D88F8

Max Magic Power  3B0EE56E0000270F

Infinite Mithrill  78D2FB8C05F50EFF

Quick Level Gain - Hero  BE5E06B705F5E0FF

Inf. HP - Hero  16B443340000270F

Inf. MP - Hero  9BE9C0B80000270F

Max Damage - Hero  C03ABD180000270F

Max Armor - Hero  7032FB860000270F

Max Durability - Hero  171443340000270F

Max Parry - Hero  9A49C0B80000270F

Den zuletzt  245EECA9


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