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Championship Arena in Two-Player mode:
Enter "Arcade Mode" from the main menu and select two player mode. At the
character selection screen, hold R while selecting a boxer.

Change Cornerman Voice:
At the character selection screen, press X + any button on the D-Pad to
change cornerman voices.

Cheap Training:
You can get cheaper training in championship mode(actually the price of
the next most expensive training below it) Example: you pay 10000(vitamin
price) for the 25000 Rumble Mass Regime. Just bring the screen to
vitamin(or the training below the one that you want) and then press right
on the control pad or stick to bring it to the next training, but, while
the screen is changing press A. You will get the training you want at the
cheaper training price. This trick also works in reverse. Put the cursor
on the cheapest training (Rumble Aerobics) then push left (To highlight
Rumble Mass) While the cursor is scrolling hit A. You'll get Rumble Mass,
a $25000 value, for the low low price of only $500! You can pump your guys
up quickly and cheaply using this method. Once your strength is up to
100%, you're almost invincible and you can easily whoop anyone!

Different Costume:
When you are selecting a boxer press X+Y then your boxer will be wearing
different shorts.

Easy Money:
Go to prize fight and win the first match, bet the money that you just
won on another prize fight. If you start to lose just quit your match
and try again.

Extra Lu Lu Outfit
In the two player Arcade mode hold the R trigger and choose Lu Lu as your
desired boxer. At the vs. screen press the X button three times. When the
fight begins Lu Lu will be wearing a red lace deal instead of her old

Holiday Backgrounds:
Set the internal clock for Christmas (Dec 25) and there will be Christmas
trees in the arena with the tables(prize fight arena). Set the clock for
Halloween (Oct 31) and there will be skeletons in the crowd in the arena
with tables and chairs.

Level Select in Two-Player Mode:
In 2 player mode, press L for the two tier arena and R for the
championship arena. L + R selects the gym.

PC Wallpaper:
If you insert your R2R game disc into a PC CDROM drive, you will have
access to a directory called "extras". Inside you'll find a number of
R2R desktop wallpapers you can decorate your PC's desktop.

Percentage Jump:
Have your VMU hooked up and pick Afro Thunder, Hit X,X,X,Y and watch
your percentages go up into the 200's.

Recover Life:
While your opponent is knocked to the ground, rotate the anolog stick in
a circle to recover lost life.

Removing the Pause Menu:
Pause the game during a fight and press X+Y at the same time to remove
the pause window.

Unlock All Classes:
To unlock Bronze Class enter your gym name as "Rumble Power",
to unlock Silver Class enter your gym name as "Rumble Bumble",
to unlock Gold Class enter your gym name as "Mosma!", and
to unlock Champ Class enter your gym name as "Pod 5!".
The Pod 5! code also unlocks all the hidden fighters

Patrick Hofmann <>

To earn a bonus character, you must win the title fight for either
the Gold, Silver or Bronze belt. Thereafter, a new character will
be selectable in both Championship and Arcade modes.

Enter "BRONZE" as a Gym name in Championship mode. Exit Championship
mode and enter Arcade mode to unlock Kemo Claw.

Enter "SILVER" as a Gym name in Championship mode. Exit Championship
mode and enter Arcade mode to unlock Bruce Blade.
(Cheat also unlocks Kemo Claw.)

Enter "GOLD" as a Gym name in Championship mode. Exit Championship
mode and enter Arcade mode to unlock Nat Daddy.
(Cheat also unlocks Kemo Claw and Bruce Blade.)

Enter "CHAMP" as a Gym name in Championship mode. Exit Championship
mode and enter Arcade mode to unlock Damien Black.
(Cheat also unlocks Kemo Claw, Bruce Blade and Nat Daddy.)

When you are tring to bulk up your rumble boxer and are short on cash
but want to give them the big stuff, try this. First, when you are
training your boxer go over to the rumble aroebics. Quickly press LEFT
and then A. If you've done it correctly you should have gotten your
mass nutrion for the price of a rumble aerobics training lesson-$500.

Acquire the letters "R-U-M-B-L-E" during a round. Then press
A + B to initiate the fighter's Rumble combination.
(Note: For additional potency, press C-DOWN + C-RIGHT while in
Rumble mode.)

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