Rayman 2: The Great Escape

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Immortality:                           841FDE71 00FD
Infinite diving:                       850F4A80 4396

Codes submitted by: Adrian Blaser (abl7503702@cs.com)

Endless Air:
 8013CFDA 0000
 80150E0Cc 0001

Endless Health:
 80150EB0 00FF

Rayman Classic:
Beat the game at least with 85% of Lums. Now after viewing the credits you
can play a classic 2d Rayman Level.

Globox Disc Access multi-player mini-game:
Press Start, then hold L + R and press B(4) at the title screen.

Map bonus at the end of a level (Raycap):
Press A, B, X, Y, X, Y before the "Access denied" message appears.

Kaleidoscope textures:
Press Down, A, Down, B, A, Y, X(2).

Rayman VMS icon:
Press Up, X, Y, Down, Y, X, Left, Right.

Hidden passage:
Press A, B, X, Y, X, Y in Morb_20 (second section of the spider level).
A secret passage that reveals cheat codes to get full powers will appear.

Full life:
Tap R repeatedly in a constant rhythm.
Note: Vary the speed until it works.

Full pause screen:
Pause game play, then press X + Y.

Hint: Gold hands:
Hold L and repeatedly press B. Note: This can only be done in "The Canopy".


Have Swinging Power Up  e23768ce0000006d

Infinite Air  d400ce4d000000e1

Flying Rayman Jump and
press the "A" button to fly around. 89e080a320704e1e

Infinite Health  5e3304db0000001e

Have All Lums  fcb8e6dde06d7041


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