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 RAYLIVES       =      99 lives
 RAYPOINT       =      5 energy points
 RAYWIZ         =      10 additional tings
 POWER          =      all abilities
 GOLDFIST       =      golden fist
 WINMAP         =      win the current level instantly
 ALWORLD        =      all level accessible
 CBRAY          =      Breakout-Game (beat Mr Dark 1st)

 and if you have less than three comtinues then press with the arrow
 buttons: up, down, right left


 The cheat codes may not work on some systems. Here are the alternate
 cheat codes that gamers can use....

 kom0ogdk        Five lives
 trj8p           99 lives
 86e40g91        10 Tings
 en5gol2g        All powers
 2x2rmfmf        Golden Fist power
 o8feh           Skip to next level
 4ctrepfj        Access to all six worlds
 b76b7081        Access hidden Breakout game

 Collected with the help of

 Dark Knight!, bjlig1@silas.cc.monash.edu.au
 Lok Mun Hoe, mhlok@pl.jaring.my

 D003983C 7B37

Infinite health:
 801F8EB0 0002

Infinite lives:
 801E4230 0003

Infinite continues:
 801E6068 0005

 D0008534 40A0

Infinite lives:
 801E4D50 0060

Regain health:
 801F6200 0002

Mega glove power (Note 1):
 800AE9C8 0D0D

Super Jump (Jump + Move):
 D01CEE06 0001
 801F61F6 0000

Note : The game slows down while switch is up. To stop the slow-down simply put the switch down once
the cheats are active, and push the switch up again whenever extra lives are needed.

Note 1 : You can only have power gloves on levels where you can collect the glove power-ups (mostly
after the third stage). Simply put the switch up (if already down) at the start of a level to see if
you get power gloves.

NTSC version passwords:
Status Password
Band Land completed J5VLFP58VB
Blue Mountain completed J5K!ZZC8MD
Cave of Skop completed SM!KV7WSXD
Picture City completed SX2!ZP58MD
All cages, all abilities at last level SD3BKFOOMN
Last level with 99 lives 942KV3W9XD

10 Continues:
When you have three or less continues left, press U D R L on the continue screen (with the alarm

Submission: Damian Gick (

TV Screen:
To turn on the TV window, pause then press and hold down R2 while you hit () () L () ().

Submission: Damian Gick (

Large Rayman Demo:
After the Ubi-Soft logo, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Keep holdingthem down untill the animation
of the brick
wall and press and hold down start. When the screen goes black release.

Submission: Damian Gick (

go to pessword and this is the code 942KV3W9XD

Press the start button, then enter the following code carefully: Press and continue to hold L2, R1,
L1, R2, then reless in this order: L1. L2, R2, R1.
Next press and release CIRCLE. then press and continue to hold LEFT, CIRCLE,SQUARE,ten TRIANGLE.
finally reless in this order LEFT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE,
1) 99 lives
2) 10 continues
3) Video fun!
1) Go to the password screen and enter XNB9FM!Z2?. Lives galore!
B) After you lose your last player, you'll go to the continue
screen. Hit U, D, R, L several times and you'll get 10 continues.
C) Okay, this is a cool one. Pause the game and then hold down the
R2 button. Now hit CIR, CIR, L, CIR, CIR. To make things go back
to normal, just enter the code again.

Here are a few codes that might help:
Finish the Music Level: J5VLFP58VB
Finish the Mountain Level: J5K!ZZC8MD
Finish the Cave Level: SM!KV7WSXD
Access to Space Mama: T64H5M!?BB
Access to Skops: ?2MC9J!GTB
Image Level completed: SX2!ZP58MD
Access to Space Mama: T64H5M!!?BB
Everything except last level: SD3BKFOOMN
Also, for unlimited continues, when you have 2 or 3 continues left, at the
continue screen press up, down, right, left and you will get 10!!

Rayman - Bonus Intro Sequence:
When the game loads and the Playstation logo appears, press and hold L1, L2, R1,
R2, X and START. Untill the cut scene starts. Keep the buttons depressed for the
intirety of the sequence.

To get 20 extra-lives in this Jump'n'Run just go in the pause menu and push A, rechts+B,
left-down+R, Y+C+Z!


  1. File:Rayman hints.txt
  2. File:Rayman save-other.rar
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