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 Cheats for the shareware release:

 Enter the command console (press [~]) then type

 god             - Enables god mode
 give 3          - Gives you weapon 3..8
 give s 255      - 255 shotgun shells
 give c 255      - Full battery charge
 give r 255      - 255 rockets
 give n 255      - 255 nails
 give health 999 - 999 health
 impulse 9       - Gives all weapons and keys
 impulse -1      - Quad power cheat
 impulse 11      - Gives you the jewels. 1 each time its executed. Do
                   it 4 timesfor all
 impulse 255     - Quad damage
 fly             - Enables flying mode; you will need to bind some
                   controls for it to be usefull.
                   try  bind _key_ +moveup (and +movedown)
 noclip          - Turn off clipping
 map E1Mx        - Go to map
 colorxx         - Changes player clothing color; xx is a range of
                   colors from 00 to 13
 gammax.x        - Alters screen brightness; x.x is brightness level
                   from 0.0 to 1.0
 name            - Changes player name
 status          - Displays info on the current game
 sv_gravity      - Gravity; xxx represents a number from 00 to 850,
                   where 00 equals no gravity and 850 is normal
 crosshair 1     - Cross wires on
 crosshair 0     - Cross wires off
 notarget        - Invisibility
 map start       - Jump to the start
 map end         - Jump to the level end boss

 How to enter Nightmare Skill Level

 1. Choose any skill setting by going through one of the first three
 2. Go through the door for Episode 4 (the set of stairs on your
 3. Step into the water and let yourself sink.
 4. Quickly walk backwards. When you pop out of the water, you'll find
    yourself in the rafters.
 5. Walk left along the beam, then go through the hole in the wall.
    Follow the corridor, and enter the teleporter.
 6. Select an episode to play by going through the door of your



8016426B 00FF   Infinite Ammo

81164184 42C8   Infinite Armour

80164229 000F   Have Gold and Silver Keys


801639EB 007F   All Weapons

81163944 42C8   Infinite Armor

801639E9 000F   Have All Keys

80163A2D 0064   Infinite Ammo
80163A2F 0064
80163A31 0064
80163A33 0064

Contributed by: Thomas Krause (tomkaruso@01019freenet.de)

Debug mode:
Enter QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ as a password and ignore the
"Incorrect Password" message. A "Debug" selection will
appear on the option menu. Level select, all weapons,
invincibility, and monster targeting may now be accessed.

No clipping mode:
Enter NOCLIP as a password to pass through walls.

Full weapon passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the
corresponding level with full weapons.

LEVEL                  EASY                  NORMAL
Realm of Black Magic   ?DRY OPFG P3BT VBKX   6DRW OPFG T3BR VBJX
The ElderWorld         95RV TPFG QQBT JBJT   5SR9 TPFG VQBR JBCT
The NetherWorld        81RV 6PFG RGB5 5BJH   41R9 6PFG WGBQ 5BCH
Shub-Niggurath's Pit   79RV 2PFG R7BS SBJF   39R9 2PFG W7BQ SBFC

LEVEL                  HARD                  NIGHTMARE
Realm of Black Magic   2DR? OPFG Y3BP VBCX   YDR8 OPFG 23BM V3BX
The ElderWorld         1SR7 TPFG 2QBP JBBT    XSR TPFG 3QBM JBFT
The NetherWorld        01R7 6PFG 0GBN 5BBH   W1R5 6PFG 4GBL 5BFH
Shub-Niggurath's Pit   Z9R7 2PFG 07BN SBBF   VR95 2PFG 47BL SBBF

LVL NAME                   PASSWORD
 2  Castle of the Damned   H40X ZVVB HLBD 74DJ
 3  The Necropolis         H0P3 2XBN WQ2B NZVK
 4  Gloom Keep             CWHX CH3B GDB3 14JY
 5  The Door to Chthon     PQW4 9QVD Y8VY X21M
 6  The House of Chthon    PL24 XBBT YJLQ 32?6
 7  Ziggurat Vertigo       6JR3 KDDV 3SLG 9RFT
 8  The Ogre Citadel       GWY6 7BBB 23BD L4HK
 9  The Crypt of Decay     B8YN BBBB ZBBB SXR4
10  The Wizard's Manse     55R6 0XCJ 2LBR QVV1
11  The Dismal Oubliette   51RZ ?6xQ RGBR NNJH
12  Underearth             5XRV SMXP B7BR LP5H
13  Termination Central    5SR9 TPFG VQBR JBCT
14  Vaults of Zin          5NRV JF6G CVBR GBFL
15  The Tomb of Terror     5JR6 HDXM 2ZBR DPN5
16  Satan's Dark Delight   5DR0 HW4N PZ?S 5Y2W
17  Chambers of Torment    49R6 XBBJ 2GBQ 932T
18  The Haunted Halls      45RZ ZF32 LZBQ 773R
19  The Tower of Despair   41R0 6PFG WGBQ 5BCH
20  The Elder God Shrine   4XRV QBFG B3BQ 3BD3
21  The Palace of Hate     4SR5 DBBN ZGBQ 1628
22  The Pain Maze          4NRV JBBF BRY5 744W
23  Azure Agony            4JR5 1BBB 0QBQ X4HX
24  Shub-Niggurath's Pit   39R9 2PFG W7BQ SBCF
25  The Nameless City      4DR1 4XDD RVBQ VM1B


For the PC version

  1. File:Quake faq.txt
  2. File:Quake cheats 4.txt
  3. File:Quake cheats 5.txt
  4. File:Quake faq 1.txt - For the OpenGL version
  5. File:Quake cheats 6.txt - Shareware version only

For the Nintendo 64 version

  1. File:Dev-mctr.rar
  2. File:Pzdhmact.rar
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