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Faster Mercedes:            Enter "reki" as a name
360 Spider and 360 Modena:  Win the Kudos Challenge level 9
911 GT2:                    Win the Kudos Challenge level 12
Aston Marton V12 Vanquish:  Win Arcade Race level four
Boxster S:                  Win the Kudos Challenge level 2
Camaro SS:                  Win all golds in Quick Race level two
Carrera GT:                 Get 150,000 kudos
Corvette Z06:               Win the Kudos Challenge level 7
Delfino Feroce:             Get 75,000 kudos
F355 Spider and 355F1:      Win all golds in Quick Race level four
Ferrari F50:                Get 200,000 kudos
Focus Cosworth:             Win the Kudos Challenge level 3
Lancer Evolution VII:       Win all golds in Quick Race level three
Lotus Exige:                Get 50,000 kudos
Opel Speedster:             Win Arcade Race level two
Panoz Esperante:            Get 25,000 kudos
RX-8:                       Win Arcade Race level one
Skyline GTR:                Win the Kudos Challenge level 5
Subaru WRX:                 Win Arcade Race level three
TT Roadster and TT Coupe:   Win all golds in Quick Race level one
TVR Tuscan Speed Six:       Get 100,000 kudos
Viper RT-10:                Win the Kudos Challenge level 11
VW Beetle RSi:              Get 1,000 kudos under the easy difficulty setting
Z3 Roadster 3.0i:           Win the Kudos Challenge level 1


Bonus helmets:
For every hour of game play you will receive a new helmet for your racer.


Bonus time trial tracks:
Accumulate over three and four hours of game play to unlock more tracks in time
trial mode.

Drive 250 miles to unlock six new circuits in time trial mode.

When you accumulate nine hours of game play and also up to 700 or 750 miles
driven, you will unlock additional time trial tracks.


Medal pursuit paint jobs:
Accumulate five hours of game play.


Bonus paint jobs:
Get a gold medal in every kudos challenge to unlock custom designs that are not
available through medal pursuit.


Bonus Kudos Challenge level:
Win all Kudos Challenge levels with a Gold Medal to unlock the level 13 bonus.


Free roam in time attack mode:
Win a silver or gold medal in all parts of kudos challenge mode for a city.
Select time attack mode and a "Free Roam" option will be unlocked for that city.


Easy Kudos:
If you're short a few Kudos at the end of a race, gain some speed. Then, right
before you cross the finish line pull the handbrake ("A" button)while you hold
"A" do a 180 degree turn and you'll get a few Kudos.


All cars, tracks and paint jobs:
Enter "Nosliw" as a case-sensitive name.
Using this code may glitch the game. To restore the game to normal, you must
delete all saved files for the game.
Unlockable: Concept Cars
Earn the required number Kudos to unlock the following concept cars in Career Mode. Unlocking the car will not automatically add it to your garage, though you'll still have to purchase the car from the car shop.

10,000 	Ford Mustang GTR
50,000 	Nissan GTR
90,000 	Cadillac 16
120,000 	Ford Supercar Concept
160,000 	Shelby Cobra
230,000 	Toyota GT-One
300,000 	Ford GT90
390,000 	Shelby GR-1
475,000 	RUF Supercar Concept
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