Prince of Persia 2

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 Start the game with PRINCE YIPPEEYAHOO to start the game in cheat

 Now you have:

 [+]          add time
 [-]          sub time
 [K]          kill all enemies on screen
 [R]          return from dead
 [F1]         show position (press again to disable)
 [F3]         player on/off
 [F6]         ruler
 [Shift][T]   add energy
 [Shift][K]   sub energy
 [Shift][R]   show room number and jump right
 [Shift][W]   show room number and jump left
 [Shift][I]   turn screen upside down, press again to restore
 [Shift][B]   show prince only, press again to restore
 [Alt][N]     skip to next level
 [Alt][D]     create DUMP?.TXT
  Level  2: CFBMGM
  Level  3: DFBMHM
  Level  4: FFBMJM
  Level  5: GFBMKM
  Level  6: HFBMLM
  Level  7: JFBMMM
  Level  8: KFBMNM
  Level  9: LFBMPM
  Level 10: MFBMRM
  Level 11: NFBMTM
  Level 12: PFBMVM
  Level 13: RFBMWM

Codewords by Martin Strohmeier -

Level Skip
At the options menu press and hold the
buttons in this order: DOWN,A,X,L.
If entered correctly the clouds should move
faster. Begin your game and, when you want
to skip to the next level, hit SELECT.

Cheats by Tom de Goeij -


For the PC version

  1. File:Prince of Persia 2 faq.txt
  2. File:Prince of Persia 2 solution.txt
  3. File:0197 14-other.rar - Please read readme.txt for instructions
  4. File:POPWW.7z - +6 trainer
  5. File:PoP WW Trainer.7z - +1 trainer for v1.0.0.188

For the Super Nintendo version