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Manipulate the Victory Camera:
When you get a victory, you can manipulate the camera using the
- A: zooms in when pressed, zooms out when released. This can be
  activated at any victory screen.

- X,Y,B - same as A, but only activated after A is pressed.

- Digital Pad & Analog Joystick: rotate the camera around the victor.

Play as Kraken:
Beat the game as every character and Kraken will appear at the character
select screen.

Play as Valgas:
Beat the game as Kraken and Valgas will appear at the character select

Play as the Bosses
To play as the Bosses of this game, beat the game with each character
once. Also, note that beating the game with any character opens up one
extra option in "The World of Power Stone" book.

Play as the Final Boss
Beat the game without using a continue, on any difficulty level. Now,
go into the Collection Menu and go to the 12th page. You will see a
picture of the final boss. You can only use him in VS mode, and only
one person can choose him per match.

Play as the Transformed Valgas
After beating the game with Valgas (after you get him) play versus mode
with two players and only one player can be the second Valgas(the
transformed Valgas).

Alternate Colors:
To choose another color outfit for your character just hit "B" when
selecting them. The "A" button will select their default color.

Bonus VMS Games:
To obtain three VMS games, beat the game 5, 6, and 7 times with different
characters than the extra items. You should only have 1 character left
to beat the game with after this. The 3 VMS games you'll get include
Fokker's Plane Chase, Ayome's Ninja Star Throwing and Gunrock's Slots.

Clean Pause:
Pause the game and press X + Y.

Extra Items
There are 4 extra items in Power Stone. To get each, just beat the game
with 4 characters. You can get an extending pole, heavy chain gun, ray
gun and a shield.

Go to extra options (once you beat the game with someone) and turn
transformation damage to 0%.When your in a match get 3 jewels and once
you transform don't use any attacks just throw things,this way you can't
be hit.

Virtual Mode
You get this mode after you obtain Valgas, it is page 5 in the Power
Stone Collection. This mode has the camera following behind your
character for the whole match. (Note: You can beat the game this way
and see the character's ending, but it will not be saved in the game
settings). Just go to the page with this option and hit "A".

Dual Virtual Battle Mode
Just beat the game normally with Valgas to unlock his ending and this
mode. This is a Split Screen VS mode using the Virtua Battle system.
Just go to the page with this option and hit "A". It is page 6 in the

Patrick Hofmann <ph@dlh.net>


  1. File:Power Stone faq.txt - english FAQ for Power Stone
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