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Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Charecters
(2) FAQ
(3) Ending

(1) Charecters:
Tommy-Red Ranger- weapon: sword
Kimberly-Pink Ranger- weapon: bow 'n' arrow
Zack-Black Ranger- weapon: axe
Trini-Wellow Ranger- weapon: 2 daggers
Billy-Blue Ranger- weapon: 2 dagger-like things

(2) FAQ

First Stage-easy just attack the puttys
BOSS- attack the skeliton montser, when its just its head use your
animal abilty
Second Stage-go through just fighting
BOSS-just attack him, when he gets fast use your animal power
Third Stage-go through the "scary" sewers
BOSS-attack him often and when he shoots out "Cherrios" duck
Fourth Stage-ahhhhh! puttys in the museum! just fight
BOSS-tough cookie attack him a lot ( I had to have my cousin Evan beat
him for me)
Fifth Stage-attack (id be the Red Ranger)and go through the stage
BOSS-just attack him use animal power on him
Sixth Stage-YOUR THE MEGAZORD!! Fight the boss!
BOSS-just fight him use BIG lazer attack
Last Stage-fight boss
BOSS-last boss you have to kill him twice! with your smae power meter!
attack him

(3) Ending
Well the rangers are driving in a car...you get to Ernie's resturraut
and you get to see Zack dance...VERY FUNNY {:-)! See all the credicts
and at the end of them you see 3 3-dight numbers! They are passwords to
fight wiyh a second player...2 players can play!!!!!!!


Super Codewords:

0411, 1007, 1212.

Codewords by Arne Beilschmidt - Beilschmidt@T-Online.de

Go to the password menu and enter 1212 or 1007 for a two player game.

Level/Bosse    Code
Level 2        3847
Level 3        5113
Level 4        3904
Level 5        1970
Level 6        8624
Level 7        2596
Boss 1         0411
Boss 2         1007
Boss 3         1212


  Level 2:  4718
  Level 3:  1012
  Level 4:  0216
  Level 5:  1387

  Level 2:  1001
  Level 3:  3109
  Level 4:  3492
  Level 5:  0411

By Kevin J. & Sebi D.


  1. File:Hlm-fi5t.rar
  2. File:Ind-fifa2005.rar
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