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Unlockable: Artwork Gallery
Finish the game.
Unlockable List
These are the unlockables in the game, which have been verified against the official game website ( for accuracy...
None	Trailer
None	Credits
5% Game Completion	Weta Artworks: Environments Part 1
15% Game Completion	�Old Movie� Filter
25% Game Completion*	Weta Artworks: Environments Part 2
50% Game Completion	Weta Artworks: Creatures
75% Game Completion	Weta Artworks: Kong Part 1
100% Game Completion	�High Contrast� Filter
100% Game Completion*	Horizontal Flip
20,000 Points Scored**	Weta Artworks: Kong Part 2
50,000 Points Scored**	Weta Artworks: Environments Part 3
75,000 Points Scored**	Peter Jackson Interview
100,000 Points Scored**	Weta Artworks: Kong Part 3
150,000 Points Scored**	Weta Artworks: Kong Part 4
200,000 Points Scored* / **	Philippa Boyens Interview
250,000 Points Scored	Save Kong...

* - Only works in conjunction with "Online Code" - see
** - Only once you�ve gotten a 100% completion rate does the scoring system take effect.

Go to the Main Menu where it says Play, Options, and Extras. Hold LT, RT, LB, and RB and input DOWN, UP, YELLOW, BLUE, DOWN, DOWN, YELLOW, YELLOW. A new option should appear under Extras labeled Cheat. If you select Cheat, a text window will appear and you can enter these codes:

KKmuseum - All Extras Unlocked
KKst0ry - All Levels Unlocked
KK 999 mun - 999 Bullets
8wonder - Rapid healing for Jack only
GrosBras - One-Hit Kills (bullets only)
KKsn1per - Give 50 rounds for the sniper rifle and equips it
KKcapone - Give 500 rounds for Thomspon gun and equips it
lance 1nf - Unlimited Spears (reload to spawn spear, note 1nf uses numeral one, space between phrases) (Unverified)

The text "HOOT FORT" appears in the upper left of the screen during a mission when a cheat code is in effect.


Hint: Point Scoring System
The scoring system that in the game exists only after you�ve obtained 100% in the game, have saved your file, and go back to the �Play� option in-game. With it, you can not only judge how well you play the game (the high score on each stage is 20,000 points, which is actually rather difficult to attain on many levels), but it also has a greater use - it enables you to unlock things in the game, including a brand new ending. The system works something like this:

Each level in the game when going for a score is the same as it was before you beat the game. Your score is partly earned and partly inherent. In other words, some of your score is given to you, but other parts of it are earned. The only �given� here is your �Chapter Bonus� which varies from stage to stage. It�ll usually make up at least half of your score, however. The other points are divvied out like this:
Big Predators Killed	+5,000 Points
Big Predators Killed	+1,000 Points
Big Predators Killed	+500 Points
Bullets Used	-100 Points
Spears Used	-20 Points
Deaths	-5,000 Points
Injuries	-1,000 Points
Friends Injured	-1,000 Points
Attacks Attempted (KK)	-25 Points
Time Per Second (KK)	-10 Points

* Please note that some of these scores are halved on some stages, depending on the circumstances.

Keep in mind that any enemy that one of your party members killed does not get added to your score, but they can help you kill something... as long as you deliver the killer blow.

The scoring system is fun, and it�s a good way to gauge your skill level, but you only need to obtain 250,000 points throughout all of the levels to unlock the hardest-to-unlock feature of the game. Beyond that, it�ll be up to you to keep on using the score feature for nothing other than personal gratification. Of course, you can also go onto to enter your score there (via in-game passwords), where you can judge yourself against other gamers, get secret codes to insert back into the game, and unlock all there is in the game. Speaking of secret unlockables...
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