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How to score goals on all-star matches:
You have to make jukes up close to the golie u juke by left right on the d-pad or you can
1 timers but thats hard to do. stop from the comp scoring u have to be agressev and learn
to fall
to block shots.

Craig Dixon

In nhl99, after a fight, if you blow the opponent out, and win. You can push
triangle to make a horn sound.

Submission: Werner Lomker and Jay Warburton

When you get in a fight, do not hit the other player. Let him beat you up, and
do not throw any punches. I have found that every time I do this, I wind up
being assessed a 2 minute roughing penalty while the other guy gets 5. That
gives you a three minute power play after serving your minor penalty. Sometimes,
if you do it right, the other guy will get 5 and you'll get off scott free. In
both cases, the player cannot leave the box when you score, since they are
serving major penalties.

Matt Calder >[mrc@30below.com]

Use alternate jerseys (if available):
Enter 3RD as a password.

smoken monkey >[smokenmonkey@juno.com]

Free EA and EA Storm teams:
Enter FREEEA as a password.

Submission: Al Amaloo
View Stanley Cup FMV sequence:
Enter VICTORY as a password.

Submission: Al Amaloo and Dave Adams.

Big head mode:
Enter BRAINY as a password.

Submission: Al Amaloo and Dave Adams.

Big player mode:
Enter BIGBIG as a password.

Submission: Al Amaloo and Dave Adams.

Faster game play:
Enter SPEEDY as a password.

Submission: Al Amaloo and Dave Adams.

Alternate scoring sounds:
Press Triangle, Square, Circle, or X after scoring a goal.

Submission: Al Amaloo

1.) EAEAO=activates ea
sports blades team.
2.) NHLKIDS= tiny players.
3.) GIPTEA= Easy win against team England.

Submission Data got lost ! Please Email !

BIGBIG   Big players
BRAINY   Big head mode
VICTORY  View ending sequence
FAST     Fast game play and clock
FASTER   Very fast game play and clock
FLASH    Enable camera flashes
PULLED   No goalies
CHECK    Stronger checks
FREEEA   EA Blades- & EA Storm-Team

Press Z when the instant replay begins after scoring a goal.
Continue to press Z to hear various sounds and hold Z to play
the current sound.

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