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Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes on the cheat menu to activate
the corresponding cheat function. A buzzing sound will confirm
correct code entry.

EFFECT                         CODE
Thin players                   TTHPCK
Fat players                    MRSHMLLW
Alien stadium                  SCLLYMLDR
Faster running                 SPRTRBMD
Ball always fumbled            BTTRFNGRS
No fumbles                     STCKYBLL
Big coins during toss          BGMNY
Big football                   BCHBLL
Increased injuries             HSPTL
Eight downs available          DBLDWNS
Electric football mode         XTRVLTG
Rugby mode                     RGBY
Racquetball mode               RCQTBLL
Slow-motion mode               FRRSTGMP
Turbo mode                     TRBMN
Kickers never miss             PWRKCKR
Flubber ball                   FLBBR
Slippery field                 SLPNSLD
Landmines on field             PPCRNRTRNS
Players bounce like pinballs   PNBLL
Players on fire                HSNFR
Unlock all extra teams         XTRTMS
Opposing team does not score   RLSTN

Cheap hits:
While playing offense, your players may continue to hit the
opposing players after a play ends without a penalty.

It is called hidden player. This is how you do it:
At the main menu screen, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left(2), C-Right,
C-Left,C-Up. Then a new player called "The Good Mr." will appear
 under the Cowboys Emmitt Smith.

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