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Hidden message:
Select the New Orleans Saints as a team and begin a game at the
Superdome. Begin an instant replay and press Z to enter camera
mode. Press L to pan up to look at the right side of either goal
to find the phrase "Get Back On The Bus John-Boy...Its Our Game Now",
in reference to John Madden.

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes on the cheat menu to activate
the corresponding cheat function. A buzzing sound will confirm
correct code entry.

EFFECT                                  CODE
Eight downs                             8DWNDRV
Tall skinny players                     BBMNTBL
Super defense                           BGBFYDF
Stronger receivers                      BGBFYFF
Further dives                           BGSPRDV
Spinning reciever                       BGTWSTRS
Better quarterback                      BRDWYNMTH
Farther jumps                           CRLLWYS
Unlimited downs                         DWNDRV
Slow motion                             FRMBYFRM
Large players                           GLYTHMD
Fumble mode                             GTNHNDS
Constant fumbles                        GTNHNDS
Short players                           JPNSMWR
Instant passes                          LDSTRTRK
Disable all cheats                      LLCHTSFF
Poor defense                            LLDFSCK
Poor offense                            LLFFSCK
Ball tipped on passes                   LWYSTPSS
Fast players                            MCHLJNSN
Constant dives                          MNFLDMD
Never tackle                            NBCTCKLS
Crawling players                        PBYBYMD
Poor players                            PWHYRMN
Strong, but slow running backs          RNLDSWZNGR
Small players                           SMLMDGT
Sled mode                               SNWSLDS
100 yard passes, kicks, and punts       SPRBGRMS
Always tackle                           SPRDPRTCKL
Slippery field                          SPRSLYD
Super players                           SPRTMMD
Turbo running                           SPRTRBMD
Acclaim and Iguana teams                STNTXTM
Easier catches                          STYCKYHNDS
No fumbles                              TGHTGRP
Poor quarterback                        TRNTDLFR
Stronger running backs                  WLTRPYTN
Electric football mode                  YLCTRCFB
Maximum discipline and awareness stats  YNSTYNS

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