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Call for Time Out in Vs. Mode:
To call time out in versus mode for players 2,3, or 4 you must use the analog
stick to choose the timeout option on the pause menu, not the directional pad.
Use the A button as usual to select the option. Once this is done, the
directional pad can be used for the rest of the game.

Extra Attribute Points:
In the attribute setting in create-a-player if you move the numbers all the way
to 0 and back to the top you will get 1 extra point. Do this for all of them
and you will get 10 or 11 extra points.

Fat Players:
Enter LARD in the code options for fat players.

Hide Your Plays:
It is possible when picking your play to not reveal it to your opponent.
When you select it with the A button, keep it depressed and search for a
dummy play. While it is still depressed you can even push B to get to a
different formation. Once you do you can release A and change formations,
allowing you to really confuse your opponent.

High Pitch Commentator:
Enter SQUEEKY in the code screen. Your commentator will now have a high
pitched voice.

Perfect Kicks Everytime:
Whenever you kick the ball, whether it be an extra point, field goal, a
kickoff, or just punting. When your team is lining up to kick, hit the B button
to select anyone besides the kicker, and your kicker will be controlled by the
computer and will kick a perfect kick everytime.

Pump Up The Crowd:
First pick a linebacker or defensive back.Then press X before the snap.

Quiet the Crowd Down:
During a game, before you hike the ball (you have to be on offense!), press
the X button and your QB will move his arms and the anouncer will say
"The quarter-back wants quiet on the play."

Sack the Quarterback Every Time:
Having trouble sacking the quarterback? Just go under penalties and turn the
offsides and neutral zone off. With this done you can sack the quarterback or
easily block punts or field goals. Try this code while playing a friend and see
how long until he realizes yo're cheating

Slow Motion:
Enter DEDMAN in the codes screen. Then go to GAME OPTIONS and change the game
speed to SLOWMO. Now everything will be slower.

Turbo Mode:
Start a game as usual. Once in the game, press START. Go to the CODES option,
then go to ENTER CHEAT. Type in TURBO and then press the X button. If done
correctly, a screen will appear that says turbo mode has been activated. Exit
out of the CODES and go to OPTIONS, and then GAME OPTIONS. Then all you have
to do is switch GAME SPEED from NORMAL to TURBO. Now the game will move extremely fast.

Unlock SegaSports Team:
Type: SUPERSTARS in the CODES section

Weird Text:
To see weird text, enter SCRAWL in the code options.

Patrick Hofmann <>

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