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You must enter the cheats at the "Tonight's Match Up" screen.
To enter cheatsuse this keys:
 - TURBO is the first number on the left,
 - B is number in the middle,
 - A is the last number on the right.

1-2-3 UP      Fog            (Only on outdoor courts)
1-2-3 DOWN    Thick fog      (Only on outdoor courts)
1-2-3 LEFT    Night fog      (Only on outdoor courts)
1-2-3 RIGHT   Swamp fog      (Only on outdoor courts)
1-4-1 LEFT    Rain           (Only on outdoor courts)
1-2-1 LEFT    Snow           (Only on outdoor courts)
1-3-1 LEFT    Blizzard       (Only on outdoor courts)
4-0-0 RIGHT   Team uniform   (teams must agree)
4-0-1 RIGHT   Midway uniform
4-1-0 RIGHT   Home uniform
4-2-0 RIGHT   Away uniform
4-3-0 RIGHT   Alternate uniform
4-1-1 UP      Unlimited turbo
0-0-1 DOWN    Show shot percentage
1-0-0 DOWN    Show hotspot
1-1-1 DOWN    Tournament mode (no power-ups)
2-0-0 RIGHT   Big Head Mode
2-3-2 RIGHT   Unlock ABA ball
2-2-2 LEFT    No Fouls (2-player mode only)
3-3-1 LEFT    No replays
2-0-1 UP      No hotspots  (teams must agree)
4-4-4 UP      No tip off
2-2-2 RIGHT   No fouls
5-5-5 RIGHT   No Goaltending  (if done correctly it will say
              NNN and on top it will say no goaltending)

Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock
the corresponding player:

Initials  PIN   Character
Frank     1931  Frankenstein
Mummy     1932  The Mummy
Bride     1935  Bride of Frankenstein
Wolfmn    1942  Wolf Man
Creatr    1954  Creature from the black lagoon

Enter the letters NBC at the "Tonight's Match-up" screen.

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