NBA Jam T.E.

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Big Head:
5 times B, A, Y, C

5 times B, Y

On Fire:
down, right, right, Y, A, left

left, right, X, Y, Y, X

right, up, down, right, down, up

Quick Hands:
left, left, left, Y, right

Shot presentage:
up, up, down, down, A

Character Codes
Character       |Inital | Code
Bill Clinton    |  CIC  | ANB
Hilary Clinton  |  HC_  | NBN
Prince Charles  |  ROY  | BAN
Frank Thomas    |  SOX  | BNA
R. Cummingham   |  PHI  | NAY
Heavy D         |  HVY  | ANB
MCA             |  MCA  | BBN
Adrock          |  ADR  | NYB
Mike D.         |  MKD  | YNY
Will Smith      |  WIL  | YBN
Jazzy Jeff      |  JAZ  | YAA
Larry Bird      |  BRD  | AYA
C. Blazekowski  |  BLZ  | YNY
Bull's Mascot   |  BNY  | BNY
Hornet's Mascot |  HGO  | NYA
TWolves' Mascot |  CRN  | ABN
Suns' Mascot    |  GOR  | NBB
Asif Chaudhri   |  AMX  | NAY
Brett Gow       |  LGN  | ABN
Alex De Lucia   |  XYZ  | BBA
Scott Scheno    |  KSK  | NBY
Dan Feinstein   |  RAY  | BAN
Eric Kuby       |  DAN  | NBA
Eric Samulski   |  AIR  | YNB
Wes Little      |  HTP  | ANY
M. Stubbington  |  MPF  | BYN
Chris Kirby     |  CK   | BNY
Jason Falcus    |  JF   | ANY
Neil Hill       |  NDH  | ABA
Jay Moon        |  JAY  | NAB
Snake Palmer    |  GOF  | AYB
Mark Turmell    |  MJT  | ANA
Sal Davita      |  SAL  | AYN
Tony Goskie     |  TWG  | BNA
Jamie Revitt    |  RJR  | NAY
Shawn Liptak    |  SL   | NBB
John Carlton    |  JMC  | YYB

Other Codes (Entered at Team matchup screen)
Push Opponent, Both fall------: U U U U L L L L A A
Push Opponent, Teammate Falls-: U U U U L L L L A B
Teleport Pass-----------------: U R R L A D L L R B
High Shots--------------------: U D U D R U A A A A D
Speed up----------------------: U U U U L L L L B A
Slippery Court----------------: A A A A A R R R R R
Shot % Display----------------: U U D D B
Max Power---------------------: R R L R B B R
Always on fire----------------: D R R B A L
Power-Up Defense--------------: A B U A B U D
Dunk from anywhere------------: L R A B B A
Better Interception-----------: L L L L A R
Goal Tending allowed----------: R U D R D U
Unlimited Turbo---------------: B B B A D D U L
Powered-up 3 pointers---------: U D L R L D U
Powered-up Shove--------------: D R A B A R D

    * Team Swap: Between the quarters, when you have the chance to sub,
      hold UP + B for a few seconds
    * Super Passwords: At the Title Screen, press Start. Then press Y, UP,
      DOWN, B, LEFT, A, RIGHT, DOWN, START. Now enter "END" as your
      initials to go to the last team or enter "JAM" to beat all of the
    * Secret Characters: To enter these, go to the Initial Input Screen
      and highlight the letter and push Start and the button in
         o Bill Clinton - C(A) I C(B)
         o Air Dog - A(Y) I R(B)
         o SNAKE - G(A) O(Y) F(B)
         o DiVita - S(A) A(Y) L
         o Facime - X(B) Y(B) Z(A)

Cheats contributed by Martin Strohmeier -

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