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Alternate costumes:
Press Start and any button to rotate the select screen pictures
two times to enable each character's second costume, except for
Sonya and Tanya. The select screen pictures must be rotated three
times for those characters.

Cheat option:
Highlight the "Continue" selection on the options screen. Hold
Run + Block (C-Left + C-Down by default) until the cheat option
appears and the word "Outstanding" is spoken. The cheat options
include "Endings", "Fatalities 1", "Fatalities 2", and "Level
Fatalities". The "Level Fatalities" option will allow the spike
fatality to be executed on any level.

Automatic fatalities:
Enable the "Cheat option" code, then turn on the "Fatalities 1"
selection. Then execute an uppercut from anywhere on the screen.

Automatic endings:
Enable the "Cheat option" code, then turn on the "Endings"
selection. To see a character's ending without defeating all
the fighters, enter arcade mode and defeat just one character.

Fight as Goro:
Enable the "Cheat option code". Select the invisible icon at
the bottom of the character selection screen. Press Up(3), Left
to highlight Shinnok's icon, then press Run + Block
(C-Left + C-Down by default).

Fight as Noob Saibot:
Enable the "Cheat option code". Select the invisible icon at
the bottom of the character selection screen. Press Up(2),
Left to highlight Reiko's icon, then press Run + Block
(C-Left + C-Down by default).

Fight as Meat:
Enable the "Cheat option code". Enter "Group Mode" and successfully
fight as all sixteen characters. After this has been accomplished,
select any character and begin a match. Your character will playing
as Meat with all the moves of the character that was selected.

Kombat Kodes:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding

Effect                                 Code
One-hit win                            123 123
Noob Saibot mode                       012 012
Red Rain (On the Rain stage)           020 020
Explosive Kombat                       050 050
Drawn weapons can not be lost          002 002
Disable throws                         100 100
Disable max damage                     010 010
Disable throws and max damage          110 110
Random weapon appears                  111 111
Start with random weapon               222 222
Start with weapons drawn               444 444
Many weapons                           555 555
Silent Kombat                          666 666
Big heads                              321 321
Fight in Goro's Lair (Spike Pit)       011 011
Fight in The Well (Scorpion's Stage)   022 022
Fight in Elder God's stage             033 033
Fight in Tomb Stage                    044 044
Fight in Rain Stage                    055 055
Fight in Snake Stage                   066 066
Fight in Shaolin Temple                101 101
Fight in Living Forest                 202 202
Fight in Prison (Fan Stage)            303 303
Fight in Ice Pit                       313 313
Randper Kombat1                        333 333

Increase your credits up to 5
  When you choose your difficulty setting (the three towers), press UP on the
  control pad. You can increase your credits up to 5.

Keep changing
  On the Kombat Kode screen punch in all fours (push up on all six slots to view
  the number 4.) Doing this will cause your fighter to change every few seconds
  during battle.

  When the "Enter Kombat Kode" screen appears before a match, enter the
  following: 192234. (MK, Skull, YingYang, YinYang, 4, Question Mark) If done
  correctly, when you hit START, the screen will say "REPTILE ENABLED". Now, the
  next time you select a character, Reptile will be in the middle where the MK
  design was.

See your character's finishing move
  Do your character's finishing move code after you beat Shinnok without
  a flawless victory you should see your character's finishing move.

  000 707     25% life (CPU)
  707 000     25% life (Player 1)
  000 033     50% life (CPU)
  033 000     50% life (Player 1)
  321 321     Big heads
  010 010     Disable max damage
  110 110     Disable throws and max damage
  050 050     Explosive Kombat
  555 555     Multiple weapons
  012 012     Noob Saibot mode
  111 111     Random weapon appears in match
  666 666     Silent Kombat
  222 222     Start with random weapon
  002 002     Weapons never dropped
  123 123     Win with one hit
  333 333     Rampler Kombat
  020 020     Block Disable
  192 234     Play as Reptile
  100 100     Throws disabled
  205 205     Fight Reptile
  460 460     Swicharoo
  688 422     Dark Kombat
  987 666     Message1
  123 926     Message2
  985 125     Psycho Kombat

Hints by Felipe Gerhard -

Endless Time:
 800AACB8 0064

Endless Rounds:
 800AAEE4 0000

Endless Run:
 800AAED2 0001

Fight Through Walls:
 800AAE76 0101
 800AAE74 0101

Hit Anywhere:
 8006200A 2400

99 Continues:

Endless Time:

Endless Health:
 800aaba8 ffff

Enable  Movies:
 800d985c 0101
 800d985e 0101
 800d9860 0101
 800d9862 0101
 800d9864 0101
 800d9866 0101
 800d9868 0101
 800d986a 0001

Frequently Asked Questions

MK4 Glitches FAQ for PC
from BADRoCK

   Updated:  July 14, 1998

   Slow Motion Back Flip
   VS Human Or CPU: human
   Placement On Screen: anywhere
   Must Use: Reiko
   Against: any character
     * When you link three breaks, you will fly back for Max Damage and
       the opponent will slowly tumble in a circle.

   Dead Man Attacks
   VS Human Or CPU: both
   Placement On Screen: anywhere
   Must Use: any character
   Against: any character
     * I have noticed that after the final hit of a match, the losing
       character can perform a move as they get up into the dizzy
       animation. The most recent occurance I have seen was with Johnny
       Cage uppercutting up, but I am assuming it can be done with
       everyone, and possibly with other moves than uppercuts.

   Floating Fatalities
   VS Human Or CPU: both
   Placement On Screen: anywhere
   Must Use: any character
   Against: any character
     * If you jump in the air, do the fatality motion very quickly and
       make the last button tap RIGHT before you hit the ground.   Your
       character will freeze while he is in the air/jump animation, then
       proceed to go into the fatality animation while he is floating
       slightly above the ground.

   Happy Corner Hops
   VS Human Or CPU: both
   Placement On Screen: anywhere
   Must Use: any character
   Against: any character
     * When you have your opponent in the corner, make the final hit of
       the round a jump kick, then hold up-forward or up-back and tap a
       punch/kick button over and over. You will keep jump kicking
       instead of going into you win pose animation.



Reptile's Moves:
  Acid Spit:            DOWN, FORWARD, PUNCH
  Dashing Punch:        BACK, FORWARD, PUNCH
  Face Chew:            UP + PUNCH + KICK

  Rising Knee:          DOWN, FORWARD, KICK
  Air Dive Kick:        UP, UP, KICK
   (Raise and Destroy)  FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK

Liu Kang
  Fireball:             FORWARD, FORWARD, PUNCH
  Bicycle Kick:         FORWARD, FORWARD, KICK
  Fatality: (Blast)     FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD, DOWN

Quan Chi
  Slide Kick:           FORWARD, FORWARD, KICK
  Tele-Stomp:           FORWARD, DOWN, KICK
  Fatality: (Leg Rip)   FORWARD, DOWN, FORWARD

  Torpedo:              FORWARD, FORWARD, KICK
  Lightning Bolt:       DOWN, BACK, PUNCH
  (Shock of Explosions) FORWARD, BACK, UP, UP

  Shurikens:            DOWN, FORWARD, PUNCH
  Flip Kick:            DOWN, FORWARD, KICK
  Fatality: (Kick Off)  DOWN, DOWN, BACK

  Spear:                BACK, BACK, PUNCH
  Teleport Punch:       DOWN, BACK, PUNCH
  Fatality: (Toasty!)   BACK, FORWARD, FORWARD, BACK

  Ice Blast:            DOWN, FORWARD, PUNCH
  Slide:                BACK + PUNCH + KICK
  Fatality: (Head Rip)  FORWARD, BACK, FORWARD, DOWN

  Fireball:             DOWN, FORWARD, PUNCH
  Corkscrew Kick:       FORWARD, FORWARD, KICK
    (Kiss of Death)     DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN


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For the Playstation version

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