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Game Genie codes:

300-5F9-08C     When scorpion everybody you fight acts like Jade.

458-888-ABA     Switch first two digits and you will morph (the one given is
                when Lui Kang is Shao Koun) must press down.

620-02A-34C     Jump high.

660-02A-34C     Cant jump very high.

100-23C-888     Longer fatality timer.

998-888-ABA     Changes Music to sound cool!

13B-CEE-6E9     Fighters are down, try it it's cool!!

CDE-FBB-1DD     When you do a super move it locks up.

AB9-BAB-080     When you uppercut someone they go strait up and down so it's
                easy to kill them.

00B-11B-DCB     Block fighters

099-1AB-ECB     Earthquake mode

xxx-7AE-A2A     After first match you will fight the selected opponent forever!
E01-7BE-2A9     0C1   Kitana
                0B1   Jax
                091   Sub Zero
                FOF   Jade
                0A1   Mileena
                0E1   Reptile
                081   Shao Kaun
                071   Shang Tsung
                021   Liu Kang

 At the credits screen type "AICULEDSSUL" and at the Akklaim logo
 press [F9]. The cheat menu will appear.

 Finish the game 250 times with one character and in the next game
 you will play the last game.

 Enter the options menu by pressing [F10] at one of the logo screens.
 Now type with capital letters "DIP". The switches menu will appear.

 This is what the switches do:

 [0] - Unknown
 [1] - Blood ON/OFF
 [2] - Sound ON/OFF
 [3] - Comic Book Offer ON/OFF
 [4] - Fatalities ON/OFF
 [5] - Unlimited Credits ON/OFF
 [6] - Unknown
 [7] - Unknown
 [8] - Voice ON/OFF

When the cinme story appears in the beggining quickly press down, up,
left, left, A, right, right, B, Y, C. This gives you the Switches menu in
the main menu.

    * Secret Characters:
         o Jade - Start a normal game and fight all the way to the person
           before the "?" box. Defeat him with nothing but LKs.
         o Smoke - You must first be fighting at the Portal Stage. When
           Dan Forden says "Toasty!" push DOWN + START.
         o Noob Saibot - You must win 50 consecutive matches in the
           2-player Mode.
    * Table Tennis: Win 250 consecutive matches in 2-player mode.
    * Disable Throws: In a 2-player mode, after you choose your fighters,
      hold DOWN + HP.
    * Extra Fatality Time: At the Character Select Screen press UP, UP,
    * Super Damage: On the Character Select Screen, press DOWN, UP, RIGHT,
    * Fight Kintaro: At the Character Select Screen, press UP, DOWN, DOWN,
    * Secret Intro: To get the secret introduction to Mortal Kombat II
      hold L + R when you the power on.
    * 30 Kredits: At the Character Select Screen, press LEFT, UP, RIGHT,

Cheats by Martin Strohmeier -

At the title screen where is says "Start", press L and R, then press the start
button. At the Portal keep uppercutting your oppenent until you see that guy that
comes out at the side of the screen. When you see him press Down and Start
together. Whenever you play one player and alaway wonder whats at the
"Question Mark", now you can see whose there. Here is what to do when you fight
the person before the question mark, DO NOT press the A button during the
last round of fight.

Cheat contributed by Berbi,

A cheat, that allows you to play tag team is this...
At the title screen with the large MK logo, hole Left and Right and press start.
Now can chose four fighters instead of one.

Some special attacks:
Lu Kang         down,forward,back,back,high kick (near to your victim)
Kung Lao        forward,forward,forward,low kick (stand within sweep range)
Johnny Cage     down,down,forward,forward,low punch (stand close)
                forward,forward,down,up,uppercut fatality, hold down
Reptile         back,back,down,low punch (stand a little bit away)
Sub Zero        hold low punch,tap back,back,down,forward

To fight Noob Saibot you need to win 50 matches in a row on a two-player game.
And at least you have to fight two different charakters.


For the Nintendo Gameboy version

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For the PC version

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For the Super Nintendo version

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