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Press L, R, L, R at the pre-game menu. NOTE: This code must
be activated before the other pre-game menu cheats are enabled.

Enter in pre-game menu:
Devil's Thumb stadium  RIGHT, A, C-UP, L, A
Always hit home runs   L, A, DOWN, RIGHT
Crazy ball             C-RIGHT, A, Z, B, A, L, L
Crazy pitches          C-RIGHT, A, Z, C-UP, R, B
Varied pitches         C-RIGHT, A, Z, C-UP, R, L
Easy steals            C-LEFT, A, DOWN, C-UP, Z
Aluminum bats          R, A, Z, B, A, L, L
Red bats               R, DOWN, B, A, RIGHT
Blue bats              B, L, B, A, RIGHT
Psychedelic bats       Z, B, R, A
Low gravity            UP, R, A, L
Increased gravity      UP, DOWN, L, UP, R
Fast game              L, A, Z, R, B, A, L, L
Slow game              UP, L, L, B, A, L, L
Alternate sky          C-RIGHT, A, Z, C-UP, L, R, Z

Enter at title screen:
Bonus teams            C-RIGHT, A, DOWN, LEFT
Hidden message         C-UP, R, B, B
View credits           R, A, Z, R, C-RIGHT, A, B

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