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Minigame Wagon

When you beat Star Battle mode, you can buy minigames in the Minigame Wagon. This is helpful if you feel impatient to or if you do not want luck to try and and get a certain minigame for you on a game board.
Unlockable ........ How to Unlock
Minigame wagon .... Complete Star Battle mode once

Unlockable Characters and Maps

Unlockable ........ How to Unlock
Blooper/Hammer Bro. You'll get one of these characters when you beat Star Battle with any character. For the second, beat Star Battle again with the first one you unlock
Bowser's Warp Orbit Beat the Star Battle with any character

Unlockable Minigames

The following are minigames that can be unlocked in the Minigame tent.
Unlockable ........ How to Unlock
Crown Showdown .... Unlock atlast one minigame in the 4 player, 1 vs. 3 player, 2 vs. 2 minigame and Duel minigame categories.
Flip Out Frenzy ... Unlock atleast one 4 player minigame.
Test For The Best . Unlock this mode in the Fun Bazaar.
Tic Tac Drop ...... Unlock atleast one Duel minigame.

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