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An experiment at a secret research facility has gone catastrophically wrong. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper are the only surviving objects. The Pickman Project will stop at nothing to hunt them down and stop the truth from getting out

Demented screams echo around the dank asylum that has caged you for the last six years. You open your eyes. A white-coated body slumps to the floor through your shaking hands. A bloody syringe slips from your arm. Waves of confusion and paranoia crash over you. You have no idea who you are or how you got there.

The door to your cell is open. One choice. One chance. They took your life: Time to take it back.

Manhunt 2 is the sequel to Rockstar's sinister action game about a man who wakes up in a living nightmare where he is being stalked for sport and must sneak through the shadows and kill by whatever means he can devise in order to fight his way out. The sequel picks up with a new lead character, new gangs, a new storyline with gruesome twists and turns, and much more.

The urban horrors of Cancer City are gone. Manhunt 2 takes place in a dark, shadowy, asylum filled with dark realities and psychological turmoil.

Danny and Leo were subjects in a diabolical experiment that had gone wrong. They were the only two survivors. The game starts in a dingy asylum. You're Danny and your goal is to escape and let no one stand in your way - guards, inmates, nurses, doctors - are all enemies. Can you & Leo talk to Danny throughout the entire escape. There are questions about Danny's sanity but you don't have enough time to consider it as he rampages through the 'hospital' killing his way from one level to the next. He is, of course, relentlessly pursued by a group of viscous hunters who will also stop at nothing to finish Danny off. Actively pursued, the hunted Danny Lamb must tackle his way out of a nightmare where the stakes are as real as they are dangerous.

While the core gameplay is still sneaking, shooting, and performing stealth attacks, there are a number of new options available for players in this version.

Like the original Manhunt, Manhunt 2 isn't for the faint-hearted ( ESRB rating is M for Mature). Death scenes are particularly gruesome, gory and bloody. Improved AI and advanced graphics make the game seem more realistic. Coupled with an eery soundtrack and sensational audio effects, Manhunt 2 is a sure-fire sequel for fans in search for frenzied action, explosive gameplay, and pulse-tingling adventure.


  1. File:Mh2trn.rar - +2 trainer
  2. File:Manhunt2 trainer.rar - +5 trainer
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