Major League Baseball 2K6

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In the game under my 2k6, there is a place to put cheats, enter these for the desired effect
Password                Effect
"Crazy Hops"            Bouncy Ball
"Unhittable"            Crazy Pitches
"Gotcha"                Rocket Arms
"Last Chance"           Super Wall Climbs
"Dream Team"            Topps 2k6 All-Stars
Derek Jeter             Unlocks Everything

Unlockable Teams

In order to unlock the following earn in game credits:
Unlockable              How to Unlock
1927 New York Yankees   1000 Tokens
1946 Boston Red Sox     500 Tokens
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers   750 Tokens
1961 New York Yankees   750 Tokens
1969 New York Mets      500 Tokens
1976 Cincinnati Reds    1000 Tokens
1986 New York Mets      750 Tokens
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers500 Tokens
1989 Oakland Athletics  750 Tokens
1995 Cleveland Indians  1000 Tokens