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Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage -

Well, I seem to be the first to notice that the decks in Magic: the
Gathering are simply text files. You can alter thes in pretty much any
way you like to create whatever deck you'd like. I haven't messed with
it much, but anyone can create a persona and a deck pretty easily.

In the 'playdeck' directory, you can simply create a new text file
'player name'.dck. If you follow the structure of the other .dck files,
you'll have your deck in no time.

Some observations :

- I believe the first column of numbers is something that affects the AI,
  but I haven't touched those, so I'm unsure
- The second column is the number of each card you want (i only assume
  that the total for all of these must be larger than 40)
- The third column is the name of the card
- You also have to be sure to keep the total number of types of cards at
  least as large as the current number, don't know why.


Winning Campaigns:
Start a campaign and get into a duel with the CPU. Then, press Start + Select to display the quit
menu and press Triangle to quit and return to the main menu. The screen should have crashed. Load
the all lands deck for the PlayStation and then fight in the versus mode. After winning, the game
should return to the campaign screen and you should have won that land.


  1. File:Magic-The Gathering faq.txt
  2. File:0597 7-editor.rar - This editor lets you modify the number of gold, food and all amu
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