Madden NFL '99

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Bonus Teams
Press A on the "New Code" option in the code entry screen.
Then, enter one of the following codes and press A. Highlight
the "Add Code" option and press A to display the new code at
the bottom of the screen. Finally, begin game play in exhibition

Team                    Code
NFC Pro Bowl            BESTNFC
AFC Pro Bowl            AFCBEST
All-Madden              BOOM
All-Time Stat Leaders   IMTHEMAN
60s Greats              PEACELOVE
70s Greats              BELLBOTTOMS
80s Greats              SPRBWLSHUFL
90s Greats              HEREANDNOW
All-Time Greats         TURKEYLEG
75th Anniversary Team   THROWBACK
NFL Equipment Team      GEARGUYS
1999 Cleveland Browns   WELCOMEBACK
EA Sports               INTHEGAME
Tiburon                 HAMMERHEAD

Hidden Stadiums
Enter OURHOUSE at the code screen to play in the Tiburon stadium
or EASTADIUM to play in the EA Sports stadium.

Tomato Quarterback
Enter SPLAT at the code screen.

Random Stadiums
Press R or Z at the stadium select screen.

High Stepping Into The Endzone
Get within 10 yards of the endzone and press Jump (default
is C-UP) to high step if there is enough room between the
player and any defenders.

Dancing Referee
Press B(2), A, C-UP at the coin toss screen.

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