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Select "Build" at the main menu. Select "New Racer" at the
"Build Driver" screen. Then, enter one of the following names at
the "Make License" screen. After entering the last letter of the
name, press DOWN instead of pressing a button. After entering the
code, go directly to the "Build Car" screen and create any kind of
car. The code will remain active as long as the driver with that
name is in your line-up of available racers.

FLYSKYHGH   Rocket car
LNFRRRM     Reversed Rocket Racer Run track
FSTFRWRD    Turbo mode
NSLWJ       Maintain speed off track
MXPMX       All pick-ups are always at maximum
RPCRNLY     All pick-ups are grapple
PGLLGRN     All pick-ups are green (Fast-forward)
PGLLYLL     All pick-ups are yellow (Oil)
PGLLRD      All pick-ups are red (Bombs)
NDRVR       No driver
NWHLS       No wheels
NCHSSS      No chassis
NMRCHTS     Disable all cheats

Cheats submitted by: Camilo (


812576D4 FFFF   Unlock All Tracks & Building Pieces
812576D6 FFFF

812550A2 ????   1st Character Points Modifier

812550A6 ????   2nd Character Points Modifier

812550AA ????   3rd Character Points Modifier

812550AE ????   4th Character Points Modifier

812550B2 ????   5th Character Points Modifier

812550B6 ????   6th Character Points Modifier

Codes submitted by: Camilo (

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