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Hidden Level:

As you blow up the shield generator on the final level (Japan) walk into the centre of the explosion
for a hidden level and the 'true' end.

Level Select

At the Arena Select screen with the globe, highlight Russia and press Right. Before the Japanese
mission info appears, hold X + Down-Left. The globe will
bounce through different Arenas. To choose a level, release the buttons when the desired level is

Infinite shield (Note 1):
 800C4CD0 0064
800C4CD4 0064
800C4CD8 0032
800C4CDC 0032
800C4CE0 0032
 800C4CE4 0032
 800C4CE8 0032
 800C4CEC 0064

Infinite ammo:
 8008D1A4 012C
8008D1A8 00FA
8008D1AC 003C
 8008D1B0 0046

Infinite missiles:
 8008D1D4 000A
 8008D1D8 000A
 8008D1DC 000A
 8008D1E0 000A
8008D1E4 000A
8008D1E8 000A

Infinite specials:
 8008D1B4 0005
8008D1B8 0003
8008D1BC 0001
8008D1C0 0001
8008D1C4 0001
8008D1C8 0001

Max energy cores:
 80089670 00D0

Cannon coolant:
 800D1C6C 0000

Stop timer:
 800C4CF2 0009

Note 1: This code has been reported not to work in some instances. Our best guess is that a variant
version of the game has appeared which cannot use this code.


 There is a way to select the stage:

 Select "Start Game" at the title screen. When the blue screen with
 the Russia mission appears, press right to move to the japan mission.
 Before the information appears on the screen, press and hold [X] and
 diagonally Down-Left. To choose one, just let go of the buttons at
 the point on the globe that you want to play. Just look at the
 countries as they pass on the globe, and with the correct timing, you
 will be able to let go and start the game on the mission of your
 choice. After choosing, you will see your objectives then begin
 your mission.
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