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 Level  Code
    1   Yellow Alien  Pillar        Pillar        Circle
    6   Circle        Yellow Alien  Square        Yellow Alien
   11   Yellow Alien  Yellow Alien  Square        Green Alien
   16   Diamond       Yellow Alien  Green Alien   Diamond
   21   Diamond       Square        Diamond       Green Alien
   26   Pillar        Yellow Alien  Square        Pillar
   31   Green Alien   Circle        Pillar        Pillar
   36   Circle        Circle        Yellow Alien  Yellow Alien
   41   Pillar        Diamond       Diamond       Circle
   46   Yellow Alien  Diamond       Circle        Pillar
   51   Square        Diamond       Yellow Alien  Square
   56   Pillar        Square        Square        Yellow Alien
   61   Circle        Square        Circle        Green Alien
   66   Circle        Diamond       Diamond       Green Alien
   71   Circle        Square        Square        Pillar
   76   Green Alien   Green Alien   Yellow Alien  Circle
   81   Pillar        Circle        Circle        Pillar
   86   Square        Green Alien   Diamond       Circle
   91   Yellow Alien  Green Alien   Circle        Diamond
   96   Pillar        Pillar        Green Alien   Square

Levelcodes by Felipe Gerhard - felipe.gerhard@gmx.net


Klax history                Yellow Alien, Pillar, Pillar, Green Alien
Minesweeper-like mini-game  Green Alien, Green Alien, Square, Green Alien
View the Programmers        Green Alien, Green Alien, Circle, Square
View Klax Myth              Square, Pillar, Diamond, Green Alien
View the credits            Pillar, Yellow Alien, Diamond, Diamond
Snake Mini-Game             Circle, Diamond, Square, Green Alien

Cheats by Felipe Gerhard - felipe.gerhard@gmx.net


 To get to the next level press [Space] and [3] together.


  1. File:Klax faq.txt - ...
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